Amazonian (SP)

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Amazonian (SP)

Location: Museum
Level: 9
HP: 66
Damage: 12
Loot: estosterogen pill
Target Gender: Herm
Endings?: No

Flag Categories

Flags: Hermaphrodite


Heat?: No

Author- Stripes

Danger Level: 9, Typical Environment: Museum


Before you is a tough, muscled woman with a no-nonsense expression on her beautiful face. She has a deep, bronze tan to her toned flesh. Her long, brown hair is tied back in a ponytail with a metal clasp, keeping it out of her eyes. This physically imposing woman wears a leather breastpiece with a fur ruff at her crotch. You notice a clear bulge down there, showing you just how self-sufficient this Amazonian woman is without a man. Raising her weapon, she glares at you. "You are unneeded here, worthless male. You will be shown your place," she growls.


  • This is an import of the Amazonian from the multi-player game.
  • Drops the Estosterogen pill.