High Rise District

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The High Rise District was once home to many of the rich and powerful of the city. Office towers and condo high rises make up much of the landscape. These are unsafe to enter, as they may hold countless creatures who would overpower even the most skilled player through sheer numbers. But the expensive shops and restaurants that surround these are prime scavenging territory, so exploring here may still be worth it.


Entrance to the High Rise District



North from the Entrance to the High Rise District leads into the High Rise District hunting area.


  • Abandoned Fitness Dojo: Find an abandoned dojo and have a look around, in one of the staff rooms you can find the Fitness Studio Security Vid which will tell you what went down at the dojo.
  • Angry Snake: Help out the NPC Gerty. Can be found after making friends with Kyle, and then will move to the Tenvale Library at the College Campus.
  • Apartment 319 part of the Fire Station Quest
  • Atropis: Obtain silver dress. found after viewing the Clotho event in the Red Light District
  • Cameo: Chocolate Lab fight, supplies.
  • Captivating Plumage: Meet a hypnotic peacock named Dmitri (SP) repeat the event several times to gain access to the location Argos Antiques.
  • Central Library: Where you meet James the Wolverine Guard and start the Central Library quest.
  • Champion: +10 XP
  • Chocolate Treat: Chocolate Lab infection
  • Concert Hall: finding a violin for Leonard
  • Controversy: (background Silliness)
  • Corporate Fat Cats: (background)
  • Dressing Room Spycam: find a video tape in a dressing room. (Gain Dressing Room Spycam Vid)
  • Drone Wreckage: Find a Latex Fox chewing on a Traffic Drone. (Recover the tape Trffic Drone #006 Footage.)
  • Electronics Store: (background)
  • Fantasy: Shemale Smooth Collie fight.
  • Forced Adoption: Obtain Dog Bone which triggers Rex's events.
  • Golf Store: Obtain golf club.
  • Gourmet Treats: Meet François. Discover Bone-Appetit.
  • Hyena Bikers: Run into Grant the Hyena. X3 Herm Hyenas
  • Informant: Shemale Smooth Collie, Leopardman fight, meet Homaru, now the location of Agency is known.
  • Insect Hive: Yes=Become Black Wasp breeder.
  • Leather Daddy Kitty: run into a leather daddy Ocelot named Oliver learn how to get to the Kitty Sex Dungeon
  • Looking For Junk In High Rise: Scavenge in the High Rise for random drop item. Chance to get Random Junk, Silicone Paste, Metal Plate.
  • Loving Bond: (background)
  • Meet Alex- Find the Ferret Lawyer Alex and gain new location Alex's Condo.
  • Mephitness: Meet Frank. Discover Comic Shop.
  • Old Tale: (background)
  • Overrun Garden: Fight a giant plant to save Joanna
  • Pigging Out: Messy Pig fight, obtain food and cleaver on victory, special text for Messy Pig infectees.
  • Pink Furred Scavenger: Meet a pink furred Fox herm teaching a leopardman a lesson. can learn the location of Cherry's Apartment
  • Policeman: Meet or fight Sgt Marks the Tiger Cop.
  • Rabid Lawyers: (background)
  • Road Fuck Aftermath: (background) find some Stiletto Heels
  • Road Wanderer: Encounter a very enthusiastic Human martial artist named Joshiro.
  • Save the Dame: Rescue a Fire Station 86 firefighter.
  • Slut Wanderer: Find the martial artist Joshiro getting fucked by a Shadow Beast player is given the choice to have a go at it themself afterwards.
  • Small Park: Chances of random items and canine fights/events
  • Strange Sighting: Meet the a small Western Dragon named Kyrverth, and learn where he lives. Gives you the choice to start off his quest chain.
  • Trucker Bar: May trigger while Korvin is active Companion. Learn something more about who he was before.
  • Veterinary Hospital: Chances of random items and furry animal fights/events.
  • Wandering Helot: Find a lone Helot, with a bulging pack wandering the High Rise District. You have several choices of what you can do, of which gets you random food/water related items. Repeatable, only found in the evening.
  • Wild Kingdom: (background)
  • Wish: (background)


  • Alex's Condo may be found here through the 'Meet Alex' event, meeting Alex, who asks for help finding his former clients.
  • The Hyena Bikers (event) may be found here, meeting Grant.
  • The Tiger Cop (event) may be found here, either meeting Sgt Marks and starting the Motel Quest or unlocking the Tiger Cop enemy by refusing him.