Trevor Labs

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This bio-pharmaceutical research company was making the news shortly before the outbreak. There seems to be some activity still inside. Perhaps some scientific help can be obtained to help deal with this crazy situation. Trevor Labs is one of the main sites in the game, as it represents the source of the player's feats and the main story line quest.


Outside Trevor Labs, Trevor Labs Lobby, 2F Trevor Labs, Primary Lab



East from Outside Trevor Labs leads into the Outside hunting area. Down from the Trevor Labs Lobby leads into the Sealed hunting area.


  • Trashed Refuge: Obtain food/water, chance of Tentacle Horror infection or fight, repeatable
  • Destroyed Records: Background
  • Captive Breeding: Interactive background, can impregnate captive human
  • Hidden Sublevel: Background
  • Holding Cell Four: Background, Can have sex with a herm human, chance to fight a Thought Eater
  • Failed Experiments: Background
  • Mindshield Storage: Obtain Mindshield, repeatable (max 3 times)


  • Doctor Matt can provide the player with additional basic feats, one for every three levels. Just use 'volunteer' when in the Primary Lab after speaking to him for the first time.
  • Dr. Matt will ask the player to perform several tasks as part of the games Main Quest series to help him research the nanite infection.
  • After completing Dr. Matt's first task, Orthas will ask for the player's help defending the lab. Agreeing will result in two random fights, then an optional sex scene with Orthas. Herm players will get to enjoy eggy fun with the dragoness from this point on. Note: This event can be delayed indefinitely by refusing to listen whenever Orthas asks to speak with you while you're leaving. It can be blocked entirely by refusing to help after listening to her.
  • As part of his quest, Dr. Matt will ask the player to find an 'unusual creature' (event) in the Park. This turns out to be Susan the doe. If you treat her poorly when bringing her, she'll run away when spoken to. If comforted, she'll ask to be the player's mate. If the player agrees, she'll stay. Otherwise she'll leave. If she leaves, she'll run back to the park and become the deer enemy.
  • After completing the section with Susan, the Hospital Quest will begin 8 turns later. This is essentially an extension of the Main Quest and will tie back to Dr. Matt in the end. Keeping Dr. Matt apprised of Doctor Mouse's actions gives a few small score bonuses and a new PISM ability to list your infection status.