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The Hellfire Club is a club located on Crimson Street in the Red Light District after encountering the Burns Like Hell event twice.


Hellfire Club, Hellfire Lounge, Hellfire VIP Floor, Hellfire Storage, Hellfire Corridor, Hellfire Unknown, Hellfire VR, Hellfire Dungeon, Hellfire Cell One


  • Mogdraz, the ownder of the Hellfire Club
  • Toron, the Bartender
  • Egran, one of the hellfire demon twin guards
  • Arad, the other hellfire demon twin guard
  • Jyneth, a hellfire demoness waitress
  • Drenraya, the lizardwoman shopkeeper
  • Damien, a possible patron
  • Eranyd, an imprisoned incubus
  • Araqiel, a powerful Seraphim


To gain access to the Hellfire Club, the player will need to encounter the Burns Like Hell event a few times.

  1. Encounter the 'Burns Like Hell' event in the Red Light District at night. Choose to follow, and get some background info a dumped onto Crimson Street.
  2. Encounter the 'Burns Like Hell' event a second time, and choose to investigate. The player will view the demonic battle, and be confronted by two hellfire demons.
  3. The player is given the choice to consent or refuse. Both answers will end up with the player at the club, but trying to run away will lock the player out of some content.
  4. The player is brought before Mogdraz as he explains the establishments services. He will comment if the player has any of the following Feats: Dominant, Submissive, Kinky, Curious, MPreg, Horny Bastard, and Cold Fish. He will also comment if the player is fully or partially human.
  5. If the player has Xaedihr as a companion before encountering 'Burns Like Hell' a second time, bonus dialogue and content unlocks.


The player may make use of the many services at the Hellfire Club.


The player can take up a job escorting patrons by talking to Mogdraz about jobs in the Hellfire VIP Floor, The player will be paid in Obsidian Coins which can be spent at the bar or shop.

  • The player will be able to set their preferences between males, females, or any gender.
  • A random patron will be selected, based on preferences and submissive/dominant traits, between the following creatures: Incubus, Succubus, Hellfire Demon, Hellfire Demoness, Goo Demon, Nightmare Stallion, Nightmare Herm Mare, lizardman, or lizardwoman.
  • There is a wide range of sex content and scene variations available for most patrons. All scenes/encounters are non-infectious.
  • The player will be paid based on their performance, and may get bonuses by having certain traits or feats.
  • There is a cooldown between jobs, roughly ??? in game hours/turns.


The player can purchase drinks and tonics with Obsidian Coins from Toron in the Hellfire Lounge. Each drink has different stat benefits/hindrances and lasts for 24 in-game hours, while the tonics are portable and only last for 12 in-game hours.


Hellfire Swizzle 1 Coin +2 Available from the start
Orcish Bomber 3 Coins +3 -1 Show Toron an Orc Brew, dropped by Orcs
Heaven's Kiss 3 Coins +3 Unknown how to acquire.
Black Ale 5 Coins +2 +2 +2 -2 -2 -2 Show Toron a Sharp Black Tusk, dropped by Void Serpent
Tentacular Slushie 5 Coins +2 -2 -2 Show Toron a Loose Tentacle, dropped by Tentacle Abomination
Peculiar Liqueur 5 Coins -2 -2 +4 Show Toron a Strange-colored Bean, dropped by Peculiar Summoner
Sparkling Water 1 Coin Show Toron a Null Essence. Removes alcohol effects.


Tonic of Mountainous Strength 1 Coin +10 Requires 1 Giant Essence, 1 Orc Brew, and 1 Testosterone Pill.


Drenraya sells various goodies at her shop in the Hellfire Storage room for Obsidian Coins.

Name Price Notes
Hellfire Demon Horn Shard 2 Coins Infectious with Hellfire Demon strain.
Leather Harness 5 Coins Chest Clothing
Black Silk Corset 5 Coins Chest Clothing
Leather Jockstrap 5 Coins Crotch Clothing
Black Silk Thong 5 Coins Crotch Clothing
Black Combat Boots 5 Coins Feet Armour
Black Stiletto Heels 5 Coins Feet Clothing
Null Essence 10 Coins


GitHub: https://github.com/Nuku/Flexible-Survival/blob/835912f360327f726f144067344063b08e0f0d72/Gherod/Hellfire%20Club.i7x