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Feat Overview

Aside from the basic stats, players have the ability to earn 'feats', which are special skills or abilities. These feats come in two general varieties, known as Basic Feats and Fun Feats. The basic feats are those which most directly affect gameplay and a player character's ability to survive in the game. Fun feats are more geared towards affecting the player's experience while playing the game, often as restrictions in transformation (e.g. Male Preferred) or the character's mental state (e.g. Kinky). As many ending scenarios are affected by the player's gender, these can unlock otherwise difficult or impossible to obtain endings to enrich the play experience, but often have little effect on the 'game' itself. The main exception to this last part are the 'gender preferred' feats, which may locks players out from receiving some content, because of a gender requirement, or access content they'd otherwise not be able to see (gender-specific variations).

At the start of the game, a player is granted 1 basic feat and 1 fun feat with which to start. Many feats have requirements to be met before they can be taken, so not all will be available at any given time. Every three levels, the player is granted a slot for another basic feat, which can be obtained by volunteering with Dr Matt. These can be gotten at any time by visiting him at his lab, or can be saved until desired. Fun feats are gained automatically every five levels. To skip gaining one, press ESC.

Basic Feats

  • Automatic Survival - You forage a little here, a little there. This is a cheating feat only found through use of the "Iwannacheat" command, taking it will impact your score negatively, but will remove hunger and thirst as a concern.
  • Ball Crush - Slam your heavy ballsac down onto your enemy to show them who's a real man. Dmg affected by size. Requires 12+ Dexterity and a 16+ ball size (cock width).
  • Black Belt - Your martial artistry is amazing. Your damage increases further while unarmed, and you have a small (10%) chance of avoiding hits that would otherwise have landed. Requires 15+ Dexterity and Martial Artist.
  • Boob Smother - Smother your foes in your pillowy rack. Dmg affected by size and number. Requires 12+ Dexterity and a large rack (G+, more breasts w/lower size also good).
  • Cock Slap - Smack around your foes with your oversized meat to show them who's boss. Dmg affected by size and number. Requires 12+ Dexterity and a 12+ inch cock.
  • Experienced Scout - You have a chance of avoiding a random fight altogether if you so wish it. Requires 15+ Dexterity and one of Stealthy, Wary Watcher or 15+ Perception.
  • Expert Hunter - Your chances of hunting a specific critter with the hunt command increases. Requires 15+ Perception.
  • Expert Medic - You are especially good at using medkits, +25% hitpoints restored per use, and a 20% chance of saving a kit when it should be lost. Requires 15+ Intelligence.
  • Fast Learner - You assimilate new information rapidly. -20% xp needed to level. Requires 15+ Intelligence.
  • Fertile - You are especially good at producing children. Increase to chance of multiple. Incompatible w/Sterile.
  • Good Teacher - Your pets gain levels much more quickly than normal. Requires 15+ Charisma and at least one pet.
  • Haggler - You are an especially skilled haggler. Sometimes, you end up with two of what you are trading for! Requires 15+ Charisma. Note that is used when scavenging to obtain from npcs rather than using the trade command.
  • Hardy - Increase your max HP by 8. Requires 12+ Stamina.
  • Iron Stomach - Your belly has nano resistance! Eating or drinking infectious items fails to change you. Requires 15+ Stamina.
  • Know Thyself - By thinking like an enemy that has infected you, you know better how to deal with them and a +0 to +2 bonus to hit matching enemies each round. Thinking with your other head gradually gets your infected loins more excited as well. You gain more XP from these fights as well. Requires 13+ Intelligence and a non-human head or body.
  • Magpie Eyes - You love shining things. Especially shining things on the defeated bodies of your enemies. Increased odds of drops. Requires 15+ Perception.
  • Martial Artist - You have basic martial arts training, increasing the damage you cause when you have no weapon. Requires 15+ Dexterity.
  • Master Baiter - You are virtually assured victory when hunting a specific creature. Requires Expert Hunter and 15+ Perception.
  • Maternal - You love children. Faster gestation and improves morale from childbirth. Requires Fertile.
  • More Time - You have some more precious time. Though who'd want to stay around here longer? Wierdo! Requires Lvl 2, addess an extra three days to evacuation.
  • Mugger - You want it all! A flat drop rate increase based on perception you can (de)activate. Requires Magpie eyes.
  • Natural Armaments - You gain additional power based on the mutation of your body, borrowing the natural weapons of your infection. Requires 15+ Dexterity and Martial Artist, only effective with a non-human body in unarmed combat.
  • Roughing It - You can take a quick nap w/o a cot anywhere... just sleep with one eye open.
  • Safe Appetite - You will not gain infection from consuming your foes. Requires Vore Predator and Iron Stomach.
  • Spartan Diet - You don't need 2 liters of water and great feasts to keep you going! You become thirsty and hungry slower. Requires 15+ Stamina, only obtainable through starting the game in "court outside" mode.
  • Spirited Youth - Your child will lend their aid in combat, occasionally dealing damage to the enemy. Requires at least one child.
  • Stealthy - Your chance of running into a monster is decreased while you are scavenging or exploring. Requires 15+ Dexterity.
  • Sterile - You are incapable of mothering a child. Incompatible w/Fertile.
  • Strong Back - You can carry impressive amounts of stuff. +50 lb tolerance. Requires 15+ Strength.
  • Survivalist - You are great at scavenging. When doing such, you get a +4 to finding things.
  • Toughened - You take less damage than others (-20% damage). Requires 15+ Stamina.
  • Wary Watcher - Always on guard, creatures won't gain first strike on you.
  • Weaponsmaster - Your experience and knowledge allow you to assess a weapon's worth and wield it better. Requires Lvl 6+ and 16+ Intelligence.
  • Youthful Tides - Once in a while, all of your kids will swarm to your aid in battle. Requires Spirited Youth and at least 3 children.

Unlockable Basic Feats by helping Dr Matt:

  • Microwaved - Thanks to the good advice, you have a great idea! If you can clean water, why not yourself? Genius. Gives you a very potent resistance to species reassignment.

Unlockable Basic Feats by successfully completing the Hospital Quest series:

  • Bestial Power - Your body will no longer drop in stats from random mutation. Requires Mighty Mutation.
  • Dazzle - Your flash can now sometimes bedazzle your enemy, making them lose their chance to retaliate. Requires 14+ Charisma and Flash.
  • Double Team - Allows you to have two pets active at the same time.
  • Flash - Your skin/fur/scales will occasionally flash bright light, reducing your foes chance to hit. Requires 12+ Charisma.
  • Gas Cloud - Create a dissipating cloud to help you flee.
  • Mayhem - Random increase in damage based on level. Random increase up to 2.5% per level of player. Requires 17+ Dexterity and Powerful.
  • Mighty Mutation - More resistant to decreasing stats from random mutation.
  • Mutable - You are more prone to physical changes from mutation. Incompatible with Resistant.
  • Powerful - Boosts your potential damage by up to 25% (random value between 5-25% each hit). Requires 15+ Strength.
  • Regeneration - Further increased healing based on level and from healing items. Requires 17+ Stamina and Rapid Healing.
  • Resistant - You are more resistant to random physical changes from infection. Incompatible with Mutable.
  • Ringmaster - You will gain full xp while training your pets. Requires 15+ Charisma, 13+ Intelligence and Good Teacher.
  • Tail Strike - If available, you may randomly score an additional hit with your monstrous tail. Requires 15+ Dexterity and a tail usable as a weapon to be effective.
  • The Horde - Your pets will sometimes organize a full-on counterstrike. Required 17+ Charisma and 3+ tamed pets.
  • Vampiric - You suck some blood from your defeated foe, recovering a little health, thirst and hunger.
  • Vore Predator - Your hunger has gone out of control. Let your foes beware! Grants the special Vore ability as well as potential access to the UB ability.

Quest Feats

These feats are generally rewards for completing a special quest or goal for an NPC.

  • Angie's Mate - Agree to be Angie's mate after unlocking Dominant Angie. Gives a minor change to appearance (your back now has scars) and may offer a few changes to interactions with some NPCs in the future.
  • Cuckold - Alexandra is more fertile. Player gains +1 Perception. Mutually exclusive with Top Dog. Obtained from Bad Alexandra.
  • Mental Booster - +2 to all three mental stats (Char/Per/Int). Obtained from Dr Matt.
  • Physical Booster - +2 to all three physical stats (Str/Dex/Stam). Obtained from Dr Mouse.
  • Proud Parent - Sarah now more fertile. Player gains a morale boost. Obtained from Sarah the husky.
  • Dog Whisperer - You have helped Sarah manage her urges. Player gains 2 extra charisma. Obtained from Sarah the husky.
  • Rapid Healing - Increased healing during recovery time and minor increase to the effectiveness of healing items. Obtained from Dr Mouse.
  • Three Bags Full - Gain a +1 to all scavenging rolls and checks. Obtained from Mary the ewe.
  • Top Dog - Alexandra is more fertile. Player gains +1 Charisma. Mutually exclusive with Cuckold. Obtained from Bad Alexandra.
  • Twisted Capacity - You've been excessively stretched out by repeated fucking by the Yamato Dragon, the Voodoo Gecko or Zigor.
  • Shifting - Obtained by completing the Shifting quest. Provides an extremely powerful method for permanently boosting stats and self-species reassignment. Used with the shift <infection> command and takes effect the next turn.
  • Stubbornly Alive - Obtained by offering yourself to the Wyvern Patriarch's cock and a specific scene (1/3 chance) occuring. Allows you to survive most vore related game overs.

Fun Feats

  • All The Things - Your groin seems to believe 'the more the merrier'. Outside of a gender change, you will keep any 'extras' you pick up. Incompatible w/Just One and overlapped by the effects of One Way.
  • Always A Pussy - Outside of special circumstances, you will always keep a pussy. Incompatible w/any Gender Preferred feat/Single Sexed/Always Cocky.
  • Always Cocky - Outside of special circumstances, you will always keep a cock. Incompatible w/any Gender Preferred feat/Single Sexed/Always A Pussy.
  • Bad Luck - You may end up in back-to-back fights occassionally.
  • Bouncy Bouncy - It seems that your body likes breasts a lot. You won't be loosing any that you might gain. Incompatible w/One Pair.
  • Breeding True - You're children will be of the father species.
  • Center of Attention NPCs in the library/bunker will refrain from seeking out sexual connections with each other, only looking to you instead. (disables bunker/library NPC sexual relations independent of the player character).
  • City Map - You have better recall of the city layout and remember where most major landmarks are.
  • Cold Fish - Your libido will decrease over time. Incompatible with Horny Bastard.
  • Control Freak - When you win a battle, you may choose if you wish to engage in the post battle activities or not.
  • Curious - You enjoy poking around everywhere, increasing your chance of finding stuff while exploring or hunting... including trouble.
  • Dominant - Gain extra libido/morale/xp for defeating monsters. Also affects the appearance/likelihood of some scenes occurring. Incompatible with Submissive.
  • Female Preferred - You will reject male mutation. Incompatible w/other Gender Preferred feats/Single Sexed/Always A Pussy/Always Cocky.
  • Herm Preferred - You more easily stay in the wonderful world of dual gendership. Incompatible w/other Gender Preferred feats/Single Sexed/Always A Pussy/Always Cocky.
  • Horny Bastard - You just can't get enough. Every few hours your libido raises all on its own. Incompatible with Cold Fish.
  • Instinctive Combat - With all the changes, you've gained new instincts on how to fight. You may choose auto attack normal/berserk/pass/coward/submit.Typing "auto attack berserk" would make you attack every enemy you come across till one of you bites it. Typing "auto attack coward" you would always try to escape during battle. Typing "auto attack normal" get you back in control of you're actions. Works with all combat commands. Typing "auto attack pass" will make you pass your turns. Typing "auto attack submit" will make you submit to your enemy.
  • Junk Food Junky - Junk food such as chips (15) and soda (30) is better for you than regular food (9) and water (15).
  • Just One - You will only grow one cock, and only one cunt, never more. Possibly less.
  • Kinky - Submitting to crazy beasts is right up your alley, and you gain morale when you do so. Being beat up still lowers it. It can occasionally open new, kinkier sex scenes.
  • Like Attracts Like - You will attract more monsters similar to yourself.
  • Litter Bearer - Greatly increases the chance of multiple children in one birth - twins or more at over 50% chance.
  • Male Preferred - You will reject female mutation. Incompatible w/other Gender Preferred feats/Single Sexed/Always A Pussy/Always Cocky.
  • Modest Organs - Your growth is restricted, preventing wildly overgrown bits. *See below.
  • MPreg - You can now be impregnated and give birth as a male/neuter (egg laying). It can occasionally open/alter sex scenes.
  • One Pair - You will not grow more than two breasts.
  • One Way - You can only grow larger, not smaller, sexually - barring specific effects. *See below.
  • Passing Grade Chest - Your breasts will never fail a test, and will remain D cupped or smaller. If they do become too large, they will shrink rapidly back into line. *See below.
  • Perky - You are of positive spirits, regaining morale gradually and +20% max morale. Unlockable by successfully completing the Hospital Quest.
  • Selective Mother - You can decide if you want to become pregnant. Requires Fertile from Basic Feats.
  • Single Sexed - You can be male or female, but not both.
  • Singular - You are not one to go in half way. Whatever form your torso takes, the rest tends to follow.
  • Strong Psyche - You have a stronger grip on your humanity. Incompatible with Weak Psyche. [Recently replaced Pure feat]
  • Submissive - Gain extra XP for submitting to monsters. Also affects the appearance/likelihood of some scenes occurring. Incompatible with Dominant.
  • They Have Your Eyes - Any child you have will appear exactly as you at time of birth.
  • Touched by Madness - You've contracted some manner of strange aura which may cause some monsters to behave weirdly around you. Used to unlock more extreme content or alternate scene variations for certain creatures. Requires the 'Strange Serpent' event be resolved or the player is playing in Forgotten mode or Hard mode gameplay.
  • Weak Psyche - You have a weaker grip on your humanity. Incompatible with Strong Psyche. [Recently replaced Corrupt feat]
  • Wild Womb - The infection is especially concentrated in your womb, causing your children to be born feral, this means they'll instantly wander off into the city after birth rather than following you around, making Spirited youth and Youthful tide feeds useless.
  • Ultimatum - will stop you receiving any further Fun feats as you level, so taking this at the start of the game effectively negates all the fun Feats. Useful for when you have enough.

NOTE: A player may only have two of: One Way, Modest Organs and Passing Grade Chest, with the two latter taking precedence over One Way for their feature.