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Species: Half-Incubus
Gender: Male
Location: Hell Realm
Must be found?: Yes
Events: Hellish Trashpile, Hell Realm Questline
Bring to Bunker?: No
Sex?: Yes
Infectious: No
Endings: Undetermined

Flag Categories

Flags: Guy, Hellspawn

Author- Gherod


The mystic sorcerer you encountered in one of the many Hell realms is, in fact, an half-demon. Nothing gives it away except his looks and aura, a little too out of this world to suggest he's only a human. Xaedihr is a pale redhead with flawless skin, has a short hair styled to his right side, some of it laying softly above his forehead, lime green eyes, a beard to complement his chiseled jawline, and a purple-ish tattoo around his left eye. He's fairly muscular and somewhat bulky even, filling up his clothes just nicely. He wears nothing under his long dark leather jacket, only a pair of tight black pants that gives away his considerable bulge, and some combat boots to complete his edgy look. He wears an earstud on his left ear, and hanging around his neck is a pendant with the Crimson Ruby, gleaming with a mystical energy.


  • Available with the right choices within the Hell Realm Questline.
  • Will help you summon certain demons found within the Ancient Tome.


Xaedihr can learn special "Invoke Dreams" spells in the Void Realm if the player has the Kinky Feat. They are special erotic scenes the player can experience safely.

  • Void Serpent I - The player gets played with and swallowed by a Void Serpent.


Xaedihr can enchant specific items to increase their damage.

  • Xaedihr's Tome - 10 Null Essence - Increases Xaedihr's damage by 1. Can be done 10 times.
  • Abyssal Edge - 10 Null Essence - Increases the damage of Abyssal Edge by 1. Can be done 30 times.


  • He has an optional threesome between the player and Atticus.
  • He knows Mogdraz


Author- https://github.com/Nuku/Flexible-Survival/tree/master/Gherod

Character- https://github.com/Nuku/Flexible-Survival/blob/master/Gherod/Demonologist.i7x