Hell Realm Questline

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Hell Realm Questline

Quest Giver: None
Starting Location: Warehouse District
Starting Event: Hellish Trashpile
Creator: Gherod

Flag Restrictions

Flags: Demon

This page is a walkthrough for going to the Hell Realm to get the demonologist companion, Xaedihr.

Hell Realm Questline

Hellish Trashpile

  1. Encounter the Hellish Trashpile event at the Warehouse District
  2. Either wait for the imp to finish away or draw him out for a fight with an Imp.
  3. After completing the fight or waiting for the imp to finish you will acquire a Demonic Ritual Tape.
  4. Watch the Demonic Ritual Tape. You will need a video camera from the Outside Exploration event Lost Camera.
  5. If the player does not already have the Ancient Tome, the player muses that the book is still at The Grey Abbey Library but will need the help of someone from the college to find it.
    • Alternatively, the player can go to the second floor of the library and navigate to the darkened alcove, and the Ancient Tome will be picked up automatically.

Encountering the Hellish Transhpile event repeat times can reward you with either Demon Seed, Libido Pill, or nothing.
The imp fight is optional each time the event is encountered.

Hell Realm

The Demonic Ritual:
  1. Acquire one Demon Seed and one Libido Pill and ensure they are in the player inventory.
  2. The next time the player uses the Ancient Tome after watching the tape they will be prompted to read the tome(y) or use the tome(n). Use the tome(n) to start the demonic ritual.
    • If you are only getting prompts to read about the tome contents, try reading one. The next time you use the tome it should give you the above prompt.
  3. A portal to the Hell Realm will appear. There are three options to get in:
  • Fight 3 Demon Brutes
  • Submit to the Demon Brute and get a game over.
  • Free entry if the player is a Demon Brute or has the purified Brutus companion. If neither, fight 3 Demon Brutes.

The rest of this article includes spoilers. The rest of storyline is very straight-forward and should provide no issues.

The Cell Grid:
1. Once the player is inside they will come across the option to investigate a device or continue. Investigating will lead to extra hell realm flavor text and additional possible fights/endings.
  • If the player chooses to investigate without backing out they will encounter the imp from the Hellish Trashpile event.
  • Attacking the imp injures the player, running away lets you knock him out.
  • If the player has the purified Brutus companion, they can let him knock out the imp or have his way with it.
2. The player comes across the power source for the cell grid.
  • Option 1 will impress the demonologist companion and increase his opinion of the player.
  • Option 2 will let the player skip the next fights, if the imp was knocked out.
  • Option 3 leads to a game over.
3. If the imp was not knocked out or the player sabotaged the machine, the player will fight one succubus and one incubus. Loosing leads to a game over.

The Ritualist:
  1. The ritualist, introducing himself as Xaedihr, will ask the player for help. Agreeing will increase his opinion of the player.
  2. Xaedihr will tell the player to stand still. Choosing to ignore him will result in a bad end.
  3. The player finally returns home, with the inkling that they might see Xaedihr again...
  4. The next time the player returns to the library Xaedihr will appear in the library. Talking to him will give the player the option to report destroying the machine if they did so.
  5. The player can then invite Xaedihr to stay at the bunker and he will join as a companion


Trying to find out how to get this questline done was a pain, I hope someone appreciates this guide.

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