Warehouse District

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The warehouse district of the city is out by the dockyard and boardwalk.


Warehouse District



West from the Entrance to the Red Light District leads into the Warehouse hunting area along the boardwalk.


  • Abandoned player: (background)
  • Anomaly: (background)
  • Crate Shuffle: (background)
  • Defenseless old lady: Strength check- Obtain 2 water, Chips, +1 strength, and +25 humanity on success or 2 Pepper spray on failure.
  • Diving Contest: (background)
  • Dock team: +5 sanity.
  • Dog Walking: Encounter NPC Mike.
  • Finding Mack: Continuation of his quest. 2x Leopardman fight
  • Free Catch: Obtain 2 fish.
  • Fresh Fish: chance to obtain 2 food or fight 3 tenrecs
  • Friendship's Proof: now Lizard Parlor is known
  • Getting the Knife: Part of wereraptor quest, get chainmail vest.
  • Hellish Trashpile: Possible encounter with an Imp with various rewards. Start of the Hell Realm Questline.
  • Hidden Fucknest: chance of obtaining water or a belaying pin, or a random monster.
  • Hot stepping: chance to get one water or a fight.
  • June Mermaid: (background)
  • Lackadaisical: (background)
  • Orcish Slave Raid: Fight with 3 Orc Warriors. Access to a special quest-line and area, the Orc Lair.
  • Orc Researcher: Find the Orc Pill Case, which gives the player the MPreg Feat
  • Orc Tag Team: Obtain 3 food. Option to watch a three-way scene between two orcs, Thogk and Kurl, and the anthro panther Reese.
  • Rooftop Rumble: Encounter up to 3 times, leads to encountering the Blue Oni Rane in the Park. Must win multiple fights with Human Gangsters.
  • Rumors: (background)
  • Soldier Squad: Encounter up to 6 times, can recruit husky-girl Amy on third encounter and Carl the Husky on the sixth encounter.
  • Special Delivery: Part of Omio's quests.
  • Union break: Fight four mutants.
  • Wet Clothes: (background)


  • The Stag will only become a roaming enemy if you attack during the Dog Walking event. Otherwise, they will become Mike the Stag.
  • After submitting several times to the Spidertaur he will eventually take the player to his nest for sexy times after he introduces him-self as Aelias. After which the player can Submit to be taken to his nest for fun or Lose/Throw the fight for the normal loss scene with minor differences. After Submitting after the introduction scene he will give the player a silk hammock to sleep in.

Github: https://github.com/Nuku/Flexible-Survival/blob/8464baab887aeef447f1c9e71689e8803e61ef33/Kaleem%20mcintyre/Warehouse%20District.i7x