Orc Lair

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You're standing outside a side door leading into the Capitol District police station. Maybe it'd be a good idea not to stay here too long, with this being the main orc lair in the city. Sooner or later, one of them is bound to come out or return here...

Map of the Orc Lair by Ishim.


Orc Lair Side Entrance, Dark Hallway 1, Dark Hallway 2, Slave Cell 1, Slave Cell 2, Breeder Lockup A, Observation Room Main Hall Bright Hallway 1 Bright Hallway 2 Police Station Locker-room



There is no hunting area inside the Orc Lair. However, Orcs patrol the building and will catch the player and throw them back in the slave cell if they wait/rest too long in one area.


Escape the Cell: Players have five options for getting out of the cell.

  • Search the cell for anything of use: Perception Check
  • Pick the lock: Dexterity Check
  • Break the lock: Strength Check
  • Sabotage the lock: No skill checks, Orcs break lock and have sex with player
  • Wait to get fucked, then sneak out afterwards: Player has sex then steals the key from a sleeping orc

Brotherly Love: Players can wait in the Observation Room and see Yatur and Kogh having some fun together.


  • It is possible to drop the cell key outside of the cells, enter the cells, and then exit the cells without the key.
  • The MPreg feat can be gained during the gang bang scene if the player is sufficiently transformed into an Orc Breeder.