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Species: Orc Breeder
Gender: Male
Location: Orc Lair
Must be found?: Yes
Events: Orcish Slave Raid
Bring to Bunker?: No
Sex?: Yes
Infectious: Yes
Endings: No

Flag Categories

Flags: Guy


Val is a very handsome orc breeder, with a muscled physique that lacks the sheer bulk and mass of the orc warriors. Being completely naked, you can see that his cock is a bit smaller than those of the bigger orcs, though still respectably sized. His features are almost pretty but still masculine, with somewhat pronounced brow, a square jaw and yellow eyes. Two small tusks protrude from his lower mandible, looking rather cute, compared to a real orc's. Long, silky black hair hanging down over his shoulders underlines his good looks.


Val is originally encountered as a Fox named Vincent as part of the Orcish Slave Raid event in the Warehouse District. If the player chooses to save him, they will not hear from him further; He only shows up the first time the player encounters the event. To interact with him further, the player must let him be captured. The player may:

  • Lose the fight against the Orc Warriors or choose to Submit.
  • Flee from the fight against the Orcs.
  • Defeat two Orcs and be offered a turn with the slave before he is hauled off. This requires the player to be an Orc Warrior.

If the player is not captured here, they will have to be captured at a later point to discover the Orc Lair location and Escape to speak with Val further.

They player will find Val in the cell across from their own. If the player arrives within two days of Val's capture, they will find him pregnant, either by the Orcs or by the player (if the player had a turn with him before sending him away). If the player is present when this child is born, Val will request that the player takes him away from here before he is transformed into either an Orc Breeder or Warrior. If the player accepts, Val's son Chris will be added to The Grey Abbey Library.


  • Once enslaved, Val quickly gives into his submissive nature and wont leave even when given the opportunity.
  • Val is available for sex as soon as the player is taken to the Orc Lair. He will infect with either Orc Warrior or Orc Breeder depending on whether the player is on top or the bottom.