Hyena Hideout

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The hyena gang has been gaining power and is one of the first groups to start to unique into a large faction. They have set up a base of operations in a warehouse where they are storing their ill-gotten gains and squabbling amongst themselves for leadership. If the player joins the hyena gang, they will be shown the way here.


Hyena Hideout


  • Gina, the hyena lieutenant
  • Grant, the biker leader
  • Gang members, hyena minions
  • Hyena Matriarch, after losing in combat to her


There is no hunting area immediately attached to the hideout.


Joining the Gang:

  • To join the hyena gang, you must find the 'Hyena Gang' event several times and agree to join when you finally speak to Gina. Eventually, you will be brought to the Hyena Hideout to meet the rest of the gang. Meeting Grant and the Hyena Bikers before becoming a member is equivalent to passing the first two iterations of the 'Hyena Gang' event.
  • Gina is a lieutenant in the gang and is the player's main source of info about them.

Leadership Struggle:

  • After joining the hyena gang, you can talk to and sex up Gina. After doing this a few times, she'll start talking about the new matriarch, their leader. You may choose to challenge the matriarch for leadership of the hyena gang. Victory will make you the new gang leader. Failure will make you a lower ranked member. You may struggle to beat her a second time, but if you fail again, you are made the complete bitch of the gang and will be treated as such by all members.
  • Gang Members: As a regular gang member, Gina will keep you to herself for sex, though you can sneak off with Grant, if he's there. If you're the matriarch, a lower member or a gang bitch, then you're free to have a gang bang with them, each rank level having different results.

Grant the Biker Leader:

  • Grant the hyena biker leader can be found here after the Hyena Bikers event in the High Rise District is completed.