Abandoned Lot

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Abandoned Lot, Junkyard Entrance, Storage Room, Steven's Office


  • Gobby, the Goblin thief (part of Hadiya's quest)
  • Hadiya, the Hermaphrodite hyena
  • Steven, the security guard



  • Annoyed Hyena (puts the Hadiya's 'Hyena Shack' on the navigation list)
  • Biker Hangout: Part of Eric's quest if you choose to turn him to Erica. Rescue a woman's boyfriend from the gang members who are holding him captive.
  • Failed Survivor: (background)
  • Friendship: (background)
  • Goblin Trap (fight)
  • Jam Session: (background)
  • Junkyard digups: Random supplies.
  • Junkyard Home (repeatable, becomes 'Steven's home' once banished from the Warehouse)
  • Pile of Garbage (repeatable 3x, chance for random loot)
  • Raiding Party Goblins bringing in a captured Tigress Hooker)
  • Scattered Trash (skill check -> loot, failed check: infection)
  • signs of a scuffle: (repeatable 3x, chance for random loot)
  • Stray Cat (wayward Snow Leopard, see below)
  • Stripped Car (background)
  • Unused Tool (find a mallet/crowbar/iron pipe - random, which one)


  • Monsters and events can be found in the Junkyard (going north from its entrance).
  • The Snow Bat creature is created by throwing dirty water at the Snow Leopard pursuing you during the 'Stray Cat' event.
  • Steven will only let pure humans enter the storage room (in the warehouse). Human-looking characters (city sprite shape for example) can bribe their way in with a soda. Talking with Steven puts characters into his office, where he'll trade soda/chips for medkits. The 'fuck Steven' command reveals he's partially horse-morphed and allows a choice to stop or continue. Stopping at that point allows blackmailing him for food and water, otherwise he'll fully transform into a horny stallion and the character will be permanently expelled from the warehouse. Afterwards, the transformed Steven can be found in the "Steven's home" location.

Github: https://github.com/Nuku/Flexible-Survival/blob/0534acf0d5f9dea9f9bcc7f274b413c8ddc83ba2/Rimme/Junkyard%20and%20Warehouse.i7x