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Species: Human, Red Horse
Gender: Male
Location: Abandoned Lot: Store Room, Steven's Office, Junkyard Home
Must be found?: No
Events: Junkyard Home
Bring to Bunker?: No
Sex?: Yes
Infectious: Yes
Endings: No

Flag Categories

Flags: Guy, Furry

Original Author- Rimme

New Author- Wahn


Human Steven: A man in his thirties, wearing a security outfit. He looks from side to side with a distant look in his eyes. What kind of life did he have before the nanite invasion?

Red Horse Steven: A tall, imposing horse figure, were he not someone you knew. He has muscles up and down his red-haired body, his black hair replaced with a long red mane. He wears a loincloth and a belt, probably from his old uniform. He walks awkwardly, but carefully with his legs that end in hooves.


1. The Storage Room

To encounter Steven you have to be able to gain access to the Storage Room, which is south of the Abandoned Lot. The only problem is you have to appear human to be allowed in. Here I will list the forms that have been tested and worked as more arise they will be updated. They will be divided into four groups head, skin tone, body and tail.

Allowed head types: Human-Herm Human-Awesome Tree-Siren-Greek Nymph-Spartan-Helot-Amazonian-Naiad-Math Teacher-Viking

Allowed skin tone types: Human-Herm Human-Awesome Tree-City Sprite-Wood Elf-Elven Hunter-Harpy-Siren-Succubus-Incubus-Greek Nymph-Spartan-Helot-Amazonian-Naiad-Cavemen-Math Teacher-Viking

Allowed body types: Human-Herm Human-Wood Elf-Elven Hunter-Awesome Tree-Greek Nymph-Spartan-Helot-Amazonian-Naiad-Math Teacher-Viking

Allowed tail types: Any ass/tail infection that results in no visible content, meaning nothing added to your description.

As long as you meet all of the above conditions, you should be able to get to Steven with ease. You may bribe your way in with a soda unless your head type is inhuman, your body size is tiny or larger than normal, or you're tauric in form. Any of those would make it too difficult to conceal and you'd upset the other refugees too much.

2. Booty Call or Sugar Daddy

After your first time trying to fuck him he will ask you to stop, if you do then you will be given the option to blackmail him. In exchange for food and water you are willing to keep his secret of what he has growing inside his pants. You can receive up to 5 food and 5 water this way before he is unable to sneak any more out.

3. Junkyard Home

The “Junkyard Home” event is located at the junkyard entrance east of the Abandoned Lot. You must have had sex with Steven and had you both kicked out of the shelter. Otherwise it will only let you see the building and nothing more.

4. Tricksy Top

It is also possible to convince Steven to allow you to top him. You must choose to ride him twice and when you initiate sex a third time it will give you the option "let you be on top" then just win a charisma roll vs 15.


So far Steven has no interactions with any other NPCs.


While in his red horse form, Steven is double-infectious and provides the special Red Horse infection. That is not always a bad thing though - it does make him an excellent candidate for anyone wanting their player to become an equine. This infection shifts the player towards being a herm unless you are using a gender-preferred feat.

Gender values for Red Horse infection:

  • # of cocks: 1
  • cock length: 15
  • ball size (cock width): 6
  • # of breasts: 2
  • breast size: 4
  • # of cunts: 1
  • cunt length: 15
  • cunt width: 7


  • Back in college Steven played the drums and expresses and interest in wanting to take it back up.
  • He was a single father whose young son went missing when the outbreak began.
  • Before the outbreak he had his own apartment and made 20k a year.
  • Steven is also a huge junk food fan.
  • Steven is a trader, so if you are in need of med kits he will be willing to trade the stock he has in exchange for chips and/or soda.

Ideas of Potential Growth

To be added later