Snow Bat

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Snow Bat

Location: Junkyard*
Level: 9
HP: 70
Damage: 10
Target Gender: Female*

Flag Categories

Flags: Guy, Furry


Heat?: No

Author- Stripes

Danger Level: 9, Typical Environment: Junkyard*


Swooping from the sky is a hybrid snow bat, a cross between a snow leopard and a bat. The bat wings which allow this snowmeow to fly are covered in an even grey fur, lacking the spots and markings of his feline body. His feline face is distorted into the sharper and more pointed shape of a bat's, with an upturned nose, pointed muzzle, fangs and large ears. His footpaws have been reshaped for perching as well as grasping its prey. He's got a sizable sheath and large balls between his legs and may be hoping to use them on you. In dark of the night, the bat-hybrid has a definite advantage with its echolocation.


  • Event-Related: The Snow Bat will only become a random enemy if you throw dirty water to the lost snow leopard in the Junkyard (Stray Cat event).
  • Adjustable Target Gender: While the default is to make the player female, the Snow Bat will push a player towards their Gender Preferred feat selection, if one exists.
  • Bloodsucker: A victorious Snow Bat will suck blood from a player, increasing their thirst by 8. A player with a Snow Bat infection on their head will suffer a small increase to thirst and humanity loss over time.
  • Nocturnal: The Snow Bat is nocturnal and should only show up during the nighttime hours of the game. The Snow Bat will receive a bonus of +4 Dexterity (+2 to hit) during the nighttime hours of the game.
  • The ending of this infection has some heavy tie-ins with Sven.