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There are a large number of monster creatures, predominantly humans who succumbed during the first wave of the infection and their offspring. Their minds have been largely overwritten with their new instincts and urges, and they aggressively seek to spread their infection to others. This is often done in quite lustful and sexual manners to sate their wild libidos. The monsters of the game roam around their hunting territory, looking others to satisfy these urges. This means that different groups of monsters will be found within different locations in the city, though they may rarely be found outside their territory during special event encounters. When encountered, the player is drawn into combat with the creature, fighting or fleeing. If the monster is victorious (with rare exception), the player will be infected with that creature's strain. Many of the NPCs that can be encountered in the game also possess one of these strains.

A list of the various Hunting Areas can be found here, displaying a list of the monsters specific to that area.

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