German Shepherd (SP)

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German Shepherd by Vashaa
German Shepherd (SP)

Location: Outside
Level: 3
HP: 20
Damage: 5
Target Gender: Female*
Endings?: Yes

Flag Categories

Flags: Guy, Furry


Heat?: Yes
Heat Cycle: 7 days
Duration: 2 days
Female Heat?: Yes
MPreg Heat?: Yes
Core Effect
Libido increase

Author- Stripes

Danger Level: 3, Typical Environment: Outside


You're faced with a large, bipedal canine creature. Standing on digitigrade legs, the large canine sports the traditional (random) patterns. It's completely unclothed, which makes it QUITE clear that this is a 'He'. He's got a furry canine sheath resting against his belly and a pair of golf ball-sized balls dangling beneath. He looks you over for a moment, tail starting to wag with increasing enthusiasm as he does. His cock also starts to poke free of its sheath as well, a warning as to what's on his doggified mind. The crazed canine cracks his knuckles before charging at you.


  • Submission: If a male player's first loss is a submission, the German Shepherd's target gender will be changed to "Male" from that point on.
  • German shepherd enemies can be encountered with several coat colors (brown and tan/subtle blue and tan/striking black and silver).
  • Mixed in with the regular german shepherd enemies will be a scarred one. This is a unique enemy that can eventually either become a pet or make you his pet. For more info check his page German Shepherd Companion
  • Heat: The German Shepherd heat causes the player's cunt to enlarge slightly when it starts and causes a continuous libido increase.