Minotaur (SP)

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Minotaur (SP)

Location: Dry Plains
Level: 12
HP: 95
Damage: 15
Target Gender: Male

Flag Categories

Flags: Guy


Heat?: No

Author- Kaleem

Danger Level: 12, Typical Environment: Dry Plains


Looking over the minotaur, you see that his eight foot frame is covered in an unkempt brown furred hide while a head like that of a bull, with two huge ivory white horns jutting out above its brow, snorts loudly in your direction in an obvious sign of challenge. With arms wide enough to circle you in an unforgiving bear hug you see that the Minotaur's upper body sits atop two Adonis-like legs which are oddly jointed and covered in fur. Body packed with a dense padding of heavy muscles on a human-like frame the bull kicks a hoof up back behind it as it lowers its head down in readiness to charge. A private peek would reveal that the bullman has a titanic throbbing bullcock leaking precum and two fat bowling ball sized balls swaying underneath the skimpy loincloth the other has futilely wrapped around its thick waist.


  • This is an import of the Minotaur from the multi-player game.
  • Drops food.


Author- https://github.com/Nuku/Flexible-Survival/tree/master/Kaleem%20mcintyre

Creature- https://github.com/Nuku/Flexible-Survival/blob/master/Kaleem%20mcintyre/Minotaur.i7x