Giraffe (SP)

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Giraffe by Sharei
Giraffe (SP)

Location: Stable
Level: 7
HP: 55
Damage: 8
Loot: Libido Pill
Target Gender: Herm
Endings?: No

Flag Categories

Flags: Guy, Furry


Heat?: No

Author- Stripes

Danger Level: 7, Typical Environment: The Stables


You find yourself facing off against a tall, slender giraffe humanoid. Measuring over eight feet to the top of her head, much of that height comes from her extra-long neck. Her body is covered in short bristly fur, irregular shapes of dark brown separated by a random pattern of cream, though lighter on his chest and stomach. Her head is sitting a top a thick, long neck. Her narrow face is dominated by a tapered muzzle, containing a long blue-black tongue. A pair of leaf-shaped ears constantly flick about on either side of his head and have two short, boney horns between them. Her body is slender, but toned with shapely limbs and a curvy waist that shows off her plump breasts. Her arms are elongated and slender, the joints thick and solid. Her hands are broad, ending in two fingers and a thumb each with a thick dark nail. Her legs are long, but sturdy to support her sexy body. The solid joints bent in a digitigrade stance, ending in black cloven hooves. She has a ropey, knee-length tail, ending in a tuft of black fur. Hanging between those legs, she has a massive thick, pink, flat-headed maleness tucked into a sheath that has trouble holding the hefty monster cock. Below that hangs a pair of lap-filling balls.

Eyeing you, the herm slides her long tongue in a sensual display across her muzzle. "Mmm... how about a kiss, sweetie?" she says, leaning in uncomfortably close. From the way her cock throbs and slips a little further from her sheath, it seems that's not all she's got in mind for you.


  • This creature makes use of the allowed anal content as well as the submission feat and mpreg feat.
  • Drops libido pill.