Peculiar dragon

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Peculiar dragon

Location: Dry Plains
Level: 16
HP: 105
Damage: 17
Loot: N/A
Target Gender: N/A

Flag Categories

Flags: Dragon, Male


Heat?: No

Danger Level: 16, Typical Environment: Dry Plains


Upon your travels through the plains, a rather peculiar sight approaches you from the distance. It would appear to be some manner of large, feral dragon, turquoise scales immaculately shimmering in the light. Very much well-toned and muscled, he struts towards you with a very deliberate, formal poise. He doesn’t appear immediately threatening, sizing you up with with a silent--if albeit somewhat energetic--demeanour before his poise shifts, apparently as to challenge you to combat.


  • Becomes the NPC Doran upon being defeated, and can no longer be fought thereafter.
  • Non-infectious. Infertile.
  • Will not engage is player-loss sex. May occasionally reward the player for losing to him, though not those who submit to him outright.