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Location: Plains
Level: 2
HP: 19
Damage: 3
Loot: tuft of chin fur
Target Gender: Female
Endings?: Yes

Flag Categories

Flags: Girl, Furry


Heat?: No

Original Author- Trav

New Author- Blue Bishop

Danger Level: 2, Typical Environment: Plains


Popping up from a nearby crevice you are met with what appears a female who's succumbed to the appearance of a chinchilla. Now no more than a few feet tall, very little in the way of human attributes remain. The diminutive creature squeaks distressingly in regards to your presence, stark naked before you its pelt extraordinarily soft and inviting to your sight.

'I'll get what I need, one way or another!' Still somewhat lucid, the little beast stands on its hindpaws, bearing its forepaws threateningly at you… Though, the gesture comes off as more adorable than threatening.


  • Originally called the "Cute Chinchilla Woman", this monster was found in the park, at level 4, and has since been redone and moved to the plains.
  • Can randomly be either comprehensible or incomprehensible, affecting their dialogue.
  • Drops tuft of chin fur.


Original Author-

New Author-