Royal Tiger

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Royal Tiger

Location: Park*
Level: 13
HP: 95
Damage: 10
Target Gender: Male
Tail Strike?: No
Endings?: No

Flag Categories

Flags: Guy, Furry


Heat?: No

Author- Wahn

Danger Level: 13, Typical Environment: Park*


Walking along one of the overgrown paths of the park, you meet Ryousei the tiger general, coming the other way. The muscled being gives you a a nod in greeting, then says, 'You again. Good, good - I'd been getting bored with the pretty lacking challenge of the creatures roaming this forest.' He unsheathes his claws and makes a ritualistic-seeming gesture, then relaxes his fingers again to let the pointy sickles slide into resting positions. 'There - a friendly duel has been declared. But no worries - I'll just knock you around a bit - no claws, see!' Giving a wiggle of his fingers in front of his confidently smiling face, the tiger then rushes at you to attack.


  • Event Triggered: Ryousei, the Royal Tiger, is only added after meeting him. He will appear at the Shrine in the northwest corner of the Park once the player is level 11 or higher. After that point, he will be added to the random encounters of the Park.
  • Non-Sexual: The player loss and victory content does not content sexual material.
  • Companion: After defeating him five times, he will join you as the Ryousei, the Royal Tiger companion.