Margay (SP)

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Margay (SP)

Location: State Fair
Level: 7
HP: 55
Damage: 7
Loot: margay milk
Target Gender: Female
Alt Combat?: Yes

Flag Categories

Flags: Girl, Furry


Heat?: No

Author- Stripes

Danger Level: 7, Typical Environment: State Fair


It seems like one of the fair's more hefty attendees has picked up some feline traits. Looking over the margay, her Rubenesque body is covered in a soft coat of golden fur speckled by leopard-like spots. The pattern changes on her head where it becomes a pair of stripes that run down the middle of her faces, brushing past the eyes and passing both sides of the nose to stop at the end of said nose. The whole is decorated with cute little spots. Her head is a small feline head with large feline eyes and small pointed feline ears. From the way she moves and stretches, her large body is both quite large and VERY elastic in the belly. Over her plump belly is three rows of breasts, all fairly small and decreasing slightly in size. Her arms are motherly feline arms with human-style hands featuring retractable claws. Her legs are plantigrade legs with plenty of jiggle and firmly toned muscles. Her legs end with nearly human feet which have clawed toes and whose undersides consist of thick black skin pads. She has wide hips that look big enough to swallow or birth people whole, easily capable of giving painless and effortless births. Your eyes drawn to there, you can see she has a pair of large, wet vaginas, gaping a little as if in need to be filled. You can see a fresh trickle of juices from them as her feline eyes stare at you with a hungry desire.


  • This is an import of the Margay from the multi-player game.
  • UB: A victorious Margay will unbirth the player temporarily as its victory scene.
  • Megakitty: After a few run-ins with the Margays, you'll receive a prompt that the Margays told the Megakitty about you, opening up that creature for encounters. This will not occur if you're blocking UB content.
  • Drops margay milk