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Location: State Fair
Level: 12
HP: 98
Damage: 10
Loot: margay milk
Target Gender: Female
Alt Combat?: Yes

Flag Categories

Flags: Girl, Furry


Heat?: No

Author- Stripes

Danger Level: 12, Typical Environment: State Fair


You find your path blocked by the massive Megakitty. Called 'Big Momma' by the others, she's a bigger version of the other margays you've seen, with more than two feet of additional height to her. The Rubenesque feline is covered in spotted and striped fur across the whole of her massively maternal body. Her hips are extra-wide and rounded, giving the big kitty an earthshaking booty beneath her thrashing tail.

She gives a lustful mrowl and licks her muzzle as she eyes you. "Don't fight it. You'll be plump kitten in my belly sooner or later. You'll wear down and give in eventually - they always do," she purrs as she fingers her juicy snatch, withdrawing her massive sextoy from it to make room for you. With lust in her eyes, she stomps towards you, intent on adding you to her family, regardless of how you may feel.


  • Unlockable: The Megakitty is only made available for encounters after you've won/lost against a few other Margays.
  • UB: Like the Margays, the Megakitty will unbirth the player temporarily as its victory scene.
  • Drops margay milk.