Rodeo Clown

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Rodeo Clown

Location: State Fair
Level: 2
HP: 40
Damage: 3
Target Gender: Herm

Flag Categories

Flags: Hermaphrodite, Humorous


Heat?: No

Author- Stripes

Danger Level: 2, Typical Environment: State Fair


Coming towards you is a very strange looking person. With a face covered in greasepaint and brightly colored clothes and a stetson, they look at first glance like a rodeo clown. But things just don't quite seem right. Details quickly pile up to make it clear that they're not a regular rodeo clown bullfighter. The most obvious is the large, F-cup breasts and the smaller, but still noticeable bulge in the crotch of the dusty, baggy overalls. There's also the way she walks with arms and legs that flex and bend in arches rather than at a fixed joint. Her face, you can see when she draws closer to you, is not actually painted with make-up, but naturally has a clown's colorful markings to make it brighter and her exposed skin is a little too pink and smooth to quite be normal. Her clothes as well, it seems, are not really clothes at all, but somehow also a part of her.

When she notice you, she start running towards you, waving her flexible arms in the air, whooping and hollering to get your attention, almost annoyingly so. "Woo! Woo! Here Bossy! Here Bossy! Come git me!" she calls out, taunting you to charge at her like a bull. While mostly an annoyance, she's making far too much noise, so you'd best deal with her before anything else notices the ruckus.


  • Submission Sex: You will receive a different loss scene if you submit.