Mutant Centaur

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Mutant Centaur

Location: Dry Plains*
Level: 6
HP: 45
Damage: 8
Target Gender: Female
Alt Combat?: Yes
Endings?: Yes

Flag Categories

Flags: Guy


Heat?: Yes
Heat Cycle: 10 days
Duration: 7 days
Female Heat?: Yes
MPreg Heat?: Yes
Core Effect
Libido increase

Author- Hellerhound

Danger Level: 6, Typical Environment: Dry Plains*


As you walk in the plain, a dust cloud becomes visible. You look at it with fear, and attempt to run, but fail to escape. As the dust cloud engulfs you and settles to the ground, it reveals an equine form with a powerful human torso. As it turns to slow down and stop in front of you, you catch a glimpse of a green thing under his belly, as it is very definitely a male. It seems you've encountered one of the tainted centaurs created by the one you released. The creature whinnies lustfully and makes a grab for you.


  • Event-Related: The Mutant Centaur will only become a random enemy if you save him from the Apple Tree event.
  • Extreme Content Warning: The Mutant Centaur creature has CBT, mutilation and castration style content.
  • Heat: The Mutant Centaur's heat causes the default heat effect of a libido increase of 5 per turn.