Red Kangaroo

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Red Kangaroo

Powers FSMonsterStub.png Organ Sizes
Arms: Quad Punch Height: 8 100% :Mass
Tail: Tail Smash Breasts: 2 8 :Breast Size
Groin: Love Box Clits: 1 12 :Clit Length
Head: Crazy Eye Cocks: 0 0 :Cock Length
Legs: Snap Kick Balls: - - :Ball Size
Skin: Furry Hide Cunts: 3 27 :Cunt Length
Torso: Solid Frame Gender: Female SayVerb: tut(s)
Flags: Anthro,Bipedal,Female,Kangaroo,Marsupial Supports: Supports Kemonomimi,Supports Chubby,Supports Leg Splitter,Supports Arm Divider
Forms: -
Description: A flash of rusty red fur catches your eyes, turning to look what you see is something out of some perverted fantasy or nightmare. Standing around six foot five inches tall is a red kangaroo, harden turquoise eyes stare out at you from behind half lens glasses. This 'roo is dressed for taking 'assets' with hostility, wearing a tight blazer with an even tighter white blouse under it, concealing her tits, but making them bigger than they are. A short skirt going from her hips down to mid thigh, giving glances to what's underneath as she moves. A thick tail sways behind her, looking to be used as a third leg. Rusty red fur covers her back and the top of her tail, going to a creamy beige on her belly, with freckles of red along her sides. "You're going to give me just what I want." Her stance changes as she prepares for battle, lightly brushing her nose in a boxing gesture.---Author- Batroo