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Quite a sight being only a branch office for Zephyr Inc it has power, the floors are clean and tidy. This is a place quite unlike anything you see around anymore. As if that was not enough you are welcomed to an most unusual receptionist.. (well now a days anyway) a human!


Zephyr Lobby



There is no hunting area immediately attached to the Zephyr Lobby.

Price Sign:

The prices are based on Free credits (freecreds). You get creds by beating "hostile" denizens and getting a bounty for that (happens automatically).

  • Nanite Collector - 400 Creds/240 Creds after Larissa asks you to transform her (25 lbs this thing weighs, but when equipped gives you the possibility after a fight to collect nanite vials which you can use on yourself or sell to Zephyr.)
  • Zephyr Personal Communicator - 350 Creds. Supposedly makes a map, unsure how it works.
  • Medkit - 300 Creds (heal them bruised "parts"..)
  • Pistol - 600 Creds (pew pew jou!)
  • Pepperspray - 350 Creds (spray and pray)
  • Water Bottle - 120 Creds (quench that thirst)


  • With the Researcher start, you can sell your vials here without needing the Nanite Collector. It won't appear among the available items for sale.

Github: https://github.com/Nuku/Flexible-Survival/blob/8464baab887aeef447f1c9e71689e8803e61ef33/Nuku%20Valente/Zephyr%20Inc.i7x