Smith Haven Mall

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Map of the mall by Amuse. ☣️ = Hunting & Random Encounter area.

The large mall has become the home of the mall rats, who are patrons who became rats enamored with their new, vapid lives at their mall. They are friendly and mostly harmless if left alone. But beneath the mall are passages leading to the city's underground and many sinister things lurk there in the dark.


Smith Haven Mall Lot, Mall Foodcourt, Mall Restroom, Mall Atrium, West Wing, Mysterious Shop, Locker Rooms, Pretty Kitty Boutique, Haven Community Center, Goo Refuge, East Wing, Brookstone Books, Body Shop, Christmas Village, Guard post, Lockers, Shag Shack, Dirty Alley, Branson & Partner.

  • Mall Restroom - Access to the mall Random Encounter point, and a Gloryhole with related scenes
  • Lockers - Scenes with Tomas, Spike, and Jeremy. Scenes with other NPCS.
  • Game Shop - Going south from the East Wing gives access to Zeke's Gaming Den
  • Goo Refuge - Only accessible after meeting and becoming friends with Florence
  • Dirty Alley - Encounter Blake, and Logan if he has been brought to the alley.


Event Only NPCs:


Down from the Mall Restroom leads into the Mall hunting area (sewers).

Sewer Events:

  • Another Ladder: Front of Christy
  • B&R: (background)
  • Captive rat: (background, demon and slut rat fight)
  • Find Building: Rear of Christy
  • Goo Gathering: (chance of 3xGoo Girl fight.
  • leaking pipe: Obtain 2 dirty water.
  • Locked utility room: Explore twice, get 2 Demon Seed
  • Magic: (background)
  • Old rail system: (chance of random fight)
  • Puddle of goo: (obtain 1-2 glob of goo, chance of infection)
  • Ruined supplies: Yes=Messy Pig infection.
  • Sewer worker: (random fight)
  • Squatters den: Obtain dirty water and food.
  • Strange echo: (background)
  • Strange Serpent: Meet Velos
  • Strange symbol: (-30 humanity)
  • Tight space: (random supplies)
  • Totally lost: (background)

Mall Events:

  • Dressing Room Rampage - Peep on something going on the malls dressing rooms.
  • Size Envy - Watch a dick size contesting unfold.
  • Prowling Macho - Watch a macho wolfman pick up a lovely lynx, and perhaps get in on the fun yourself.
  • Dressing Room Crisis - Help a shy human/gryphon/feline hybrid overcome her self-image issues.
  • Refugee Mare - Help a sweet horsewoman recover from a rough meeting with one of the malls wolverine guards.
  • Visit the Mall East Lot a few times to meet a dominant anthro doberman taking his 'pets' out for a walk.
  • Bringing Korvin to the Atrium can trigger a special scene between him and a Bull Terrier
  • Once you have brought power back to the mall from the Computer Power quest, you have a chance to view a special scene between involving a hungry bison trying to buy something to eat.