Santa Claws

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Santa Claws

Species: Polar Bear
Gender: Male
Location: Smith Haven Mall: Christmas Village
Must be found?: No
Events: None
Bring to Bunker?: No
Sex?: Yes
Infectious: No
Endings: No

Flag Categories

Flags: Guy


Santa Claws is a large and powerful anthro polar bear, his bulky covered in thick snow-white fur. It is obviously clear that this is no timid little bear, as there are strong muscles under his white pelt, and the claws on his paw-hands and feet do look pretty dangerous. Nevertheless, you don't feel threatened by him, since the big ursine is wearing a gloriously red and white santa suit, golden belt buckle and all. Sitting on a wide, cushioned throne made of carved hardwood and with a festive decorations carved into its sides, the bear watches his domain with a jolly smile on his face.


If you simply want want to learn more about him simply ask him about himself and the mall, however his more "fun" menu is tied into asking him for a present. He will present you with three options are you "naughty? "nice"? or so you just wanna rub his cock. Lets go over what these three choices mean.

Naughty- choosing the naughty option actually opens you up to having have with the christmas elves rather than santa. This option is still a WIP however but we are left with a tease that implies we will have to choose which elf we want to play with.
Nice- choosing nice may be viewed as the least fun option since all you get is either a christmas cookie or a festive drink however if you are not playing with the "automatic survival" feat then every bit of food and soda counts. Keep in mind that the nice option is repeatable after a certain amount of time passes.
Rub Cock- this option while a very sexy option also give you further insight into his character. We learn that he views the christmas village is a place he feels needs to be protected and treasured while also hearing that he regularly denies his instincts and desires to make sure he can be a good santa for the village. Further evidence of this is the fact that he worries he may have hurt you or done damage in moments that he let himself release the beast he keeps locked within his suit.