Shag Shack

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In exchange for clean water or food, the player can experience a wide range of sex scenes with the NPCs available at the shack.


Shag Shack Entrance, Shag Shack Alley


Jerome the Anthro Shark


By giving Jermone one bottle of clean water, one food, or one bottle of orc cum the player can view special sex scenes. The available scenes are listed below.

  • Eliza - a pretty black woman (male or herm only)
  • Kaden - Jerome's cat-boy flunky (male or herm only)
  • Simba - a transformed male soldier tied spread-eagle to a bed
  • Zane - an incubus stud
  • Sasha - Jerome's hog-tied mink cum-dumpster (male or herm only)
  • Shirley - a sexy bombshell of an ape
  • Ty - a slender human male
  • Penny - a rottweiler bitch into pet play (male or herm only)
  • Bryce - a wolftaur
  • Azari - Caged Feral Latex Fox (male or herm only)
  • Levi - tiger soldier (male or herm only)
  • Ryan - a cute fennec fox (male or herm only)
  • Edward - a trans rooster
  • Seth - a giant snake
  • Ziera - a centauress (pure female only)
  • Mysti - an otter dominatrix (male or herm only)
  • Natalie - has a latex-splattered mattresses fort
  • Clive - a ballsy goblin
  • Dylan - a heavily muscled minotaur (male or herm only)
  • Archer - a Great Dane
  • Alyona - a herm feline war veteran
  • Cassandra - a Muse with unconventional techniques
  • Gus - a male stork


  • Whoring yourself out at the Shag Shack rewards the player with food, water, soda, or chips. If you continue to whore yourself out, you gain access to better rewards such as more food/water, medkits, and libido pills.
  • Lifetime Membership is not currently available at this time.