Slut Rat

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Slut Rat

Arms: Clever Paws
Tail: Tail Slap
Groin: Cock Slap
Head: Unrelenting Suckle
Legs: Skitter
Skin: Furry Hide
Torso: Vitality


The Slut Rat's body is covered in white, short fur. There is the occasional patch where fur's been shaved away to reveal tattooed skin. Her head is capped with tapered rodent ears that bear hoops and studs. Her hair is shaven into a perpetual mohawk that's side-swept with its bangs hanging over one eye, and its fibers are dyed a glossy, vibrant violet. Full, sucking lips bare an exceptionally pouty lower lip with a pair of fine hoops off-center, for your pleasure. Her bedroom eyes are darkly mascaraed with long lashes spiking out over the languorous lids. Around her neck is a dark, leather collar studded with long, chromed spikes. Her body is fit and lean with just a hint of her rib cage showing above her cinched abdomen. Barbells pierce her nipples with a fine but sturdy chain arcing between them. Though lean, she still bares curves in all the right places. Shi has 2 average breasts. Her arms are toned but streamlined, built for action. Long fingers terminate in rodent claws, her palms soft and padded for girth-gripping. Leather cuffs hug her wrists with short, spiked studs along the thick bands. Her legs are free of excess save a little pleasing roundness on the thighs and calves. Her feet are hidden within leather stomping boots. Though not fat, her butt bares a pleasing fleshiness that's both fit and round. Her lengthy whip of rat tail bears a broad cuff of spike-studded leather. A private peek would reveal that: She has a forearm length pierced dick with a Jacob's Ladder of barbells metered along the underbelly of her shaft. She has fist sized balls. She has a large hoop- pierced cleft.