Goo Girl

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Goo Girl

Arms: Group Hug
Head: Disarming Smile
Legs: Jelly Whip
Skin: Jellied Hide
Torso: Engulf


These humanoid slime monsters tend to be difficult to defeat - not because they pack much of an offense, but because their Jellied Hide continuously heals any damage they've received. Many Zephyr employees seek them out specifically for this ability.

Goo Girl's body is covered in purple flesh. Her head is locked in a somewhat disturbing smile, though remains human in proportion and layout. Her body is mostly human. One has 2 flat breasts. Her arms are entirely human. Her legs are melded together just at her thighs, flowing together into a large and bulbous base of purple flesh. Her ass is small, dainty, but not very curvy. A private peek would reveal that: Her groin resembles that of a goo girl. She has a cavernous gelatinous fleshed pussy.