Beach Plaza

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Beach Map by Amuse. ☣️ = Random Encounters. 🔒 = Locked until requirements met.

This waterfront area contains several interactive sections and ties in to several quests.


Beach Plaza, Church Hall, Restaurant, Boardwalk, Public Beach, Sunny Snacks, Shallow Bay, Wild Fringe, Rocky Cliff, Dirty Sheds, Overgrown Area, End of Beach, Rock Arch, Open Ocean, Sunken Ship



East from the Public Beach leads into the Beach hunting area.


  • Anal Probing: (background) Now able to have sex with the Feline Stud.
  • Beach Bum: (give chips in exchange for random items)
  • Beach Field Research: Meet up with Sylvia and her friends to study more local Biology.
  • Beach Party: (fight against 4 Bottlenose Toys)
  • Benefit of Hindsight Beach
  • Birth of a Goddess: Intrigued by the activity within the city but abiding by the rules not to directly interfere, Aphrodite has seen fit to claim a willing avatar so that she might be able to observe and participate more easily. You can now witness this figurative 'Birth of a Goddess' at the beach.
  • College Hopeful
  • Chieftain's Challenge: (Sonya's quest after repeated wins and sexings)
  • Cream Stand: (Herm Gryphon infection, followed by a fight with one.)
  • Dolphin lotion: (background)
  • Dragon Boy: (background)
  • Dragon Voyeurism: (Feral sea dragon infection)
  • Dragonian Trial
  • Family: (background)
  • Findingboat: (background, part of pirate quest - Now Pirate Island is known, part of Bouncy Castle Rescue quest - Now Bouncy Castle is known)
  • Flotsam bits: (get 'Flotsam Club (15 lbs) – 10 dmg)
  • Gill Fruits Tree: (obtain gill fruit) scene can will only occur once. (can be used to travel to Bouncy Castle once it's found)
  • Hang Ten
  • Gryphoness Nest(x2): Encounter the singing, potential Pet Gryphoness from the Outside area, Denise, again. First encounter is a fight to defend her, the next gives the opportunity to let her join you.
  • Lost Crab: give food to gain the Cute Crab pet
  • Lost Trident: 4xFeral Sea Dragoness fight, obtain Bronze Trident upon victory. Unlocks Atlantis
  • Lucky Seashell: (Random: +20 humanity, +2 Dex/Perception/Stamina, or +1 water)
  • Noteinbottle: Starts pirate island quest, take map to Rod.
  • Orca Volleyball Player
  • Otter View: (background)
  • Parasol Nap
  • Pirate Standoff
  • Plundered boat: (background)
  • Relaxing Scene: (background)
  • Riptide
  • Runaway: (background)
  • Shark Warrior
  • Smashed Boat: (food and water)
  • Snared Vixen: Starts Bouncy Castle Rescue quest.
  • Strange castle: (background)
  • Strange Tide: (background)
  • Strange wave: feral sea dragon infection
  • Sunbathing Gator
  • Sunbathing Goddess
  • Sunbathing Shark
  • Tainted Yacht: (background, 2 dirty water, gator infection)
  • Tide Pool Trouble: Chance to gain some clothes.
  • Tidepool Treasure: Chance for supplies, or tentacles. (repeatable)
  • Transformed Seals: (background)
  • Wrecked ships: (background)


Church and the Hellhound:

Underwater Area:

  • Requires Gills or a head infection that can breath water.

Alex's Quest:

  • Lee's hiding in a shack to the west of the Dirty Sheds. You will need to convince him to come out (Charisma check vs 20+) or break your way in (Strength check vs 22+). After several failed attempts, you may return to Alex for more information which gives you a +5 bonus when convincing Lee to come out.