Sea Otter

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Sea Otter

Location: Beach
Level: 10
HP: 70
Damage: 17
Loot: Fish
Target Gender: Male*

Flag Categories

Flags: Furry*


Heat?: No

Author- Nuku

Danger Level: 10, Typical Environment: Beach


Not one, but a group of playful looking otters. They spot you and move to intercept you swiftly, swimming all around you with their athletic forms rubbing amorously against your own. Your fingers can't help but brush against their aroused bodies in the rush before one grins at you, 'You want to play with us?'


  • Mixed Bunch: The otters are a group of mixed gender and a random selection of quick snippets will show as the sex scene when a player loses to them. These will be adjusted based on any gender flags the player has banned, removing those actions and making the others more likely.
  • Adjustable Target Gender: While the default is to make the player male, the otters will push a player towards their Gender Preferred feat selection, if one exists.