Bouncy Castle

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The bouncy castle floats hidden out among the rocks and seems to be a place where the Bottlenose Toy girls come to play.


Bouncy Castle, Fencing Room, Bouncing Play Room, Ball Pit Room, Toy Room, Punching Pillars, Knights Chambers, Great Hall, Kings Chambers, Lower Tower, Upper Tower, Easter Parapet, Western Parapet, Castle Throne Room, Tower Turret



There is no hunting area immediately for the Bouncy Castle, but three enemies can be encountered in the castle.


  • This area is found through the 'Snared Vixen' event found in the Beach area.
  • Hunting for a boat or consuming Gill Fruit from the "Gill Fruits Tree" event on the Beach will allow you to reach this area after the 'Snared Vixen' event via navigation.