Equinoid Camp

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You stand in a large and sprawling field of long, swaying grass. Spread out among the area are primitive wooden structures that provide enclosed spaces for rest and recreation. Although spartan in construction, these buildings seem more than sturdy enough to withstand the temperate weather.


Equinoid Camp, Nakoma's Tent



In order to access the Equinoid Camp, the player must follow these steps.

  • Defeat 4 Black Equinoids at the Park.
  • Follow the Equinoid and Amaryllis will ask the player to defeat painted wolves.. Being neuter will remove this quest from the game. Refusing the offer removes this quest as well.
  • Defeat 5(?) Painted Wolf Herms at the Park
  • Navigate to the Equinoid Camp. If the player is not infected, Amaryllis will tell the player they need to undergo a "purification ritual". If the player refuses, the Equinoid Camp will be removed from the game.
  • If you accept, you will be given Equinoid infection (even if you are a researcher) and the Equinoid Warrior pet. If your humanity is too low, this will result in a game over.