Red Light District

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The Red Light District (RLD) in the seediest part of the city, with strip joints and streetwalkers plying their trade openly before the infection struck. Prime target for the infection, some very bizarre and lustful creatures have risen up from this area and the clusters of residential homes around the main strips. Anyone venturing here must be careful, for the sexual traits of most creatures in this area can be quite extreme.


Entrance to the Red Light District



North and South from the Entrance to the Red Light District leads into the Red Light District hunting area.


  • Activate Strange Android
  • Angel vs Demons: activates the "saving Elijah" quest, after victory, head to the burnt out chapel to save him.
  • Aussie Pub: access to Down Under Pub "Accessed only if player has Red Kangaroo infection"
  • Auto Shop: (background)
  • Bounty Hunter
  • Burns Like Hell
  • Business as Usual: (background)
  • Canine Patrol
  • Captured Demon: No=Demon Brute fight, activates David NPC.
  • Clotho: (background)
  • Cosplay: +5 Libido
  • Eager Dal: Meet Stella, with the option to bring her to the bunker.
  • Evangelist: Random fights.
  • Fetish Store: Obtain riding crop.
  • Find Porn Store: Find an intact shop can either leave it alone breakin or knock. If you try and break in you attract the attention of a Tigress Hooker, after which you meet Lisa the mousetaur, and learn how to nav to Porn Store. This event is an alternate to the Mouse Taur Encounter.
  • Findingkara: 3xLeopardman fight, save Kara.
  • Flooded Street: Chance of 3xCock Cannon fight.
  • Girl Time: (background, fight Alpha Husky/Wolf or Shemale Collie)
  • Guess that Character Three
  • Hidden Kitty: Meet Sven. (Unlock access to Sven's Place)
  • Human Urges: (background)
  • Jumping The Dobie
  • Kink Warehouse
  • Important Treasure:
  • Leather Wolves: (background)
  • Mouse Taur Encounter: While wandering the mouse meet Lisa the mousetaur, and learn the location of the Porn Store. This event is an alternate to the Find Porn Store event.
  • Pertho: Finds the firefighter.
  • Purifier Two
  • Quiet Apartment Building: Mental Mouse encounter
  • Raided Corner Store: Yes=Obtain 2 chips and soda if a Herm Hyena marked by Gina, otherwise, fight 2 Herm Hyena
  • Red Light Requisition: (background, part of unlocking Camp Bravo)
  • Sloppy Seconds
  • Scopaesthesia: (background, continued in College Campus, Park, High Rise and Beach)
  • Soldiers and Snowmeows: (background) Save or watch a soldier get fucked by a snowmeow.
  • Strange Android Seeker
  • Strip Bar: Random items, infections and fights.
  • TattoonPiercing: Tattoo Parlor is known.
  • Unorthodox Sight: (background)
  • Victim: (background)


  • The Porn Store may be found by meeting Lisa with the 'Mouse Taur' event.
  • Sven's Place can be found by encountering the 'Hidden Kitty' event to meet Sven.
  • Visible objects: Cat Key, Libido Pill.