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There are a wide array of items scattered throughout the game. While most are 'useful', most are only sources of Infection. Items fall into several categories, though many can belong to more than one. The most important categories are: Food/Water, Weapons, Equipment, Infectious, Combat and Quest items. Infectious items are often dropped by monsters and are usually infected with their strain. Players seeking to become infected by a particular strain may opt to use or consume these items to speed up their transformation, but may come with additional benefits/penalties.

Food and Water Items

This category holds items which are either edible or potable to reduce hunger/thirst. The main of these are: Food, water bottle, chips and soda. There are also infectious forms of food and drink, such as dirty water or various milks. Dirty water may randomly infect the drinker when imbibed. Eating or drinking will also help restore a player's morale if it is negative, moving it to a maximum of zero.

  • Food - Reduces hunger by 12 (by 9 if Junk Food Junky feat is taken).
  • Water bottle - Reduce thirst by 25 (by 15 if Junk Food Junky feat is taken).
  • Chips - Reduce hunger by 6 (by 15 if Junk Food Junky feat is taken).
  • Soda - Reduce hunger by 12 (by 30 if Junk Food Junky feat is taken).
  • Dirty water - Reduce thirst by 25 (by 15 if Junk Food Junky feat is taken). Random infection.
  • Other food/drink items not listed.

Combat Items

Some items can be used in combat by selecting the 'Item' option from the menu. There are only a few items which can be used in this way currently. A list of items can be found here.

  • Medkit - Heals a player, based on level and Intelligence. Increased by various feats. Random number of uses. Usable outside of combat.
  • Healing Booster - Heals a player for 20 health. Increased by various feats. One time use and also usable outside of combat.
  • Libido Suppressant - Reduces a player's libido by 20 points, but these become less effective with each use to a minimum of 12 points. One time use and also usable outside of combat.
  • Pepperspray - Temporarily hinders the opponent, granting an additional attempt to hit at greater effectiveness or greatly increasing the chance to flee. Contains a random number of uses.


To be able to better fight back during combat, the player character can equip one of a variety of weapons they can find in the game. All weapons have a base damage value (starting weapons have a damage rating of 5). Unarmed combat starts at 4 damage. In most play modes, there is a pocketknife in the Bunker at the start of the game. A few weapons, such as the infected sword and the dirty whip are also tainted and will infect the player while they use them.

SPOILERS: More specific data on the weapons in the game can be found on the Weapons page.


Equipment is a category of items that are worn by the player as additional gear. Only one piece of equipment can be placed on a given slot of the player's body. These generally accessorize the character's appearance, though some may grant other effects, benefits or penalties. The main benefit these may give comes if the item can act as armour. There are three armour types in the game: body armour, helmets and shields. Armour has two defensive values: AC (the amount of protection it can provide) and effectiveness (the likelihood it will be able to block a blow). If the block roll succeeds, the damage taken is reduced by a percentage based on the armour's AC value.

SPOILERS: More specific data on the clothing and armour in the game can be found on the Equipment page.

Quest Items

With so many people scattered around the city, it's understandable that many of them want something from the player. When talking to NPCs, some will ask the player to obtain items for them or accomplish certain tasks. Some of these items are drop items from monsters which must be collected while others are special items which must be found elsewhere in the city. In some cases, the quest items are just tokens that don't show in a player's inventory at all.

  • Cat Key - Used in the Power Plant's Control Room to gain access to the Catwalk. *meow* ;)

Utility Items

These items are not worn, nor do they serve combat oriented functions, but do provide some utility benefit.

  • Zephyr Personal Computer/ZPC - Using this produces a mini-map that follows the player from room to room and appears in the form of a google maps parody.

Other Items

A list of the other items in the game and details about them can be found in the Item List.

Storage Locker

There is a storage locker located in the bunker, into which the can stash any number of items. Looking at the storage locker activates its menu, which includes an option to view its basic commands. The menu options and the links in the associated player and locker inventory selections also allow access to all of these functions. The commands are as follows:

  • stash <object> - Place one of the named object in the locker.
  • stashall <object> - Place all copies of the named object in the locker.
  • massstash - Place everything you have (except journal and equipped gear) in the storage locker.
  • retrieve <object> - Take one of the named object from the locker.
  • retrieveall <object> - Take all copies of the named object from the locker.
  • massretrieve - Take everything from the locker.