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To be able to better defend themselves in Combat, the player character can equip one of a variety of weapons they can find in the game. All weapons have a base damage value (starting weapons have a damage rating of 5). Unarmed combat starts at 4 damage. In most play modes, there is a pocketknife in the Bunker at the start of the game. A few weapons, such as the infected sword and the dirty whip are also tainted and will infect the player while they use them. Melee weapons have their damage increased based on the player's strength, while ranged weapons are increased by the player's perception. This increase is at a rate of +1 / 2 stat points above 10. Ranged weapons also grant a chance to gain first strike by firing before the creature fully closes into melee range.

While most weapons are scaled to be best suited to human-sized characters (represented by a size value of 3), some may be larger or smaller. Weapon size is compared against the scalevalue of the player (based on their current infection's size rating) and should the difference between the two be two or more, a penalty to hit is applied.

  • SPOILER WARNING: This page contains specific details on the weapons in the game, what they do and where to find them.


This chart provides a rough outline of how damage values translate into weapon effectiveness. Many of the weapons listed are provided only for example and do not exist in the game.

Damage Effectiveness Examples
1 Useless Teddy bear, Boffer sword
2 Poor Belt, Plastic mug
3 Weak Branch (1" thick), Heavy book
4 Basic Fists, Riding crop
5 Improvised Pocketknife, Chair, Golf club
6 Adequate Cleaver, Bonesaw, Nightstick, Hammer, Club, Horse whip
7 Effective Short sword, Spear, Mace, Warhammer, Fire axe, Awesome bat
8 Strong Longsword, Katana, Chainsaw, Battle axe
9 Enhanced Magic Viking spear
10+ Special Infected sword (16-magic+infection power), electric prod (22-shock), dirty whip (11), flotsam club (10)

Weapon Catalog

All weapon damages values can be identified by the Weaponmaster feat or by checking GitHub.

Name Damage Weight Size Notes
Ancient Sword 15 6 3? Found in the Egyptian Wing of the Museum. Must defeat two Jackal Guards to acquire it.
Awesome Bat 7 5 4 10% chance of acquiring if hit by Awesome Tree's final attack. Has a "double rainbow" effect which may destroy awesome trees outright.
Bo Staff 4 2 3 Found in the Museum through the Fallen Kunoichi event. Damage and to-hit bonuses when used in conjunction with Martial Artist, and another if used with Black Belt. Defensive ability which is boosted by player strength, dexterity and stamina, the Martial Artist and Black Belt feats, as well as Weaponsmaster.
Bonesaw 6 3 2 Found in the City Hospital through the Operating Room event
Chair 5 10 4 Found in the Smith Haven Mall Foodcourt. Has a +2 to hit the Wrestling Wolf
Claw Hammer 6 3 3 Obtained from Good Alexandra for helping repair/fortify the Police Station
Cleaver 6 2 3 Found in the High Rise District through the Pigging Out event
Combat Knife 6 2 3 Found during Outside Exploration through the Trickster event. Must win the fight.
Crossbow 6 8 3 Found while performing a job for Orthas. Must win the fight. Ranged weapon.
Crowbar 6 3 3 Found in the Abandoned Lot through the unused tool event as one of three possible weapon rewards. Provides a +3 bonus to some scavenging events if owned.
Dirty Whip 11 3 3 Found in the Park through the Destroyed Bushes event. Can be cleaned into Horse Whip. Randomly infects PC while equipped.
Electric Prod 22 5 3 Found in the City Zoo through the Electric shockers event. Limited use weapon (its battery depletes).
Flotsam Club 10 15 10 Found in the Beach Plaza through the Flotsam bits event.
Golf Club 5 2 3 Found in the High Rise District through the Golf Store event.
Horse Whip 6 2 3 Found in the Stables through the Stablestoreroom event. May also be obtained by cleaning the Dirty Whip.
Infected Sword 16 10 4 Found during Outside Exploration through the Sword Nest event. Randomly infects PC while equipped.
Iron Pipe 5 3 3 Found in the Abandoned Lot through the unused tool event as one of three possible weapon rewards.
Mallet 7 5 2 Found in the Abandoned Lot through the unused tool event as one of three possible weapon rewards.
Medium Sledge 18 15 4 Found during the Stables Quest event. "Finding Hardware". Has a -2 to hit due to being difficult to wield as a weapon.
Nightstick 6 4 3 Sgt Marks will leave this for you at the Police Car if you choose not to accompany him. Random chance of drop from Tiger Cop enemy (will only drop once).
Organi Rod 15 5 4 Obtained as a reward from Omio as part of the Pursuit of Science quest.
Pistol 7 2 2 Bought from the Zephyr branch office for 550 creds. Possible free shot before enemy reaches you. Ranged weapon.
Pocketknife 5 1 2 Available as starting weapon in most play modes, but can otherwise be found during the second occurrence of the Lovers Bench event.
Riding Crop 4 1 2 Found in the Red Light District through the Fetish Store event. The player gains +2 to hit if they are Latex Mistress bodied or have the "Dominant" feat.
Spiked Club 6 2 4 Found in the Dry Plains through the Hardware Store Ruins event. As a makeshift weapon, it has -1 to hit.
Spear 9 4 3 Found in the Museum through the Viking Boat event while retrieving a jewel for Nermine as part of the Hospital Quest. Must pass a DC 20 Dex check.
Tire Iron 6 1 3 Found in the High Rise District through the Hyena Bikers event. Must win fight.
Trident 10 5 4 Found in the Beach Plaza through the Triton event. Must defeat 4 Feral Sea Dragons.
Wukong's Staff 5 2  ? Obtained from Wukong's quest line, if you take the bad route and defeat him.
Viking Sword 8 5 2 Obtained from Sonya's father, the Viking leader, after defeating him during a challenge for her hand in matrimony.