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Species: Viking
Gender: Female
Location: Beach Plaza, Viking ship
Must be found?: Yes
Events: Chieftain's Challenge
Bring to Bunker?: No
Sex?: Yes
Infectious: No
Endings: No

Flag Categories

Flags: Girl

Author- Wahn


You find yourself confronted with a female Viking, hitting the broad side of her sword against her round wooden shield to attract your attention. She's got shoulder-length blond hair, the impressive physique of a seasoned fighter and is dressed in light scale mail. Her gaze wanders over you appraisingly.


1. To The Beach

Alright first you want to head to the beach plaza hunting grounds. To get there head down the stairs to the main beach area and then head southeast to the "wild fringe" which is the beaches hunting spot.

2. What A Bikkja

Now that we are at the hunting grounds, all you need to do is hunt for the viking enemy. Don't worry she will definitely be down for a battle.

3. Worthy Mate

Players who lose or submit to her without having beaten her at least once in the past will have a food or water taken from them. If their charisma is 15 or higher, they will be forced to pleasure her instead. Sonya has different dialogues the player winning, losing or submitting based on how many times the player has defeated her (up to three times). If the player wins, Sonya will submit to their might and let herself be "taken". After beating her a third time, sex with Sonya has a chance to make her pregnant (50% chance).

4. My Kingdom For An Einherjar

When Sonya has become visibly pregnant, or if the player has defeated her 7 or more times, the other Vikings will take notice. As no one else among them had been able to defeat her, they believe the player must have used tricks, magic or some other dishonorable means. The next encounter the player has with a Viking will be with two of them bringing a message to the player that their chief, Sonya's father, has issued a challenge which must be met in the next 72 hours. Failure to meet the challenge or fleeing from it removes the vikings and Sonya from the game. Losing the challenge results in a Game Over. Winning brings the player back to the Viking's ship to engage in revelry and allows the player to meet with Sonya for more fun.


So far Sonya has no interactions with any other NPCs.


As of yet Sonya is not infectious.


  • Sonya will refer to the player either as an outlander if their face and body are human-looking, or as a monster if either of those parts are inhuman.
  • Your offspring with Sonya can actually have quite a range. Depending on your form they may be human warriors or like the monsters of legend, they also can be either gender and its tracked whether they are girls, boys or a mixture.
  • Out of the two viking clans Sonya's father Frithjof leads his clan in a much more progressive light, following the mandate of might makes right.
  • To get a complete outlook on both clans at this point you will need to complete Sonya's and Bjorn's content as they both descend from different clans. But still within the same tribe.

Ideas of Potential Growth

To be added later