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Author: Gherod

(This page is a rough work in progress right now. [Text in these brackets means non-verbatim i.e. not how it is named in game, or should be re-worded.] Some information is consolidated here for the time being, but the monsters in particular should have their own pages on the wiki with relevant information moved there.)

The Void Realm is a very dangerous location accessed (prior to November 2020 update) via finding the event "To The Unknown" in the Red Light District, or through the Hellfire Club (as of November 2020 version) in the Red Light District. With the newest version of the game, hunt for the event "burns like hell" in the Red Light District twice and go along with the demons to reach the club. Ask the bartender, Toron, about the realm, then proceed West and North to the entrance.

By avoiding bad ends, avoiding enemies when possible, and a supply of medkits and high (25+) combat stats when not, it is possible to prolong a trip almost indefinitely.

Many spoilers below. For those who want to simply experience the content for themselves on their own, it is highly advisable to recruit and bring the Demonologist companion, Xaedihr, and have high (25+) combat stats. [There are possible bad ends around every corner, as well as some encounters including boss fights that are also seemingly presented as bad ends but really aren't. It will likely require trial-and-error to figure out which is which.] Some events and experiences will be different with the Kinky feat.


Movements in the Void Realm typically drain humanity (reduced by Strong Psyche feat; and when doing nothing but using the "go beyond the veil" option, there is a net positive trend in humanity overall) but do not take time from the Evac countdown. When stepping into the realm, the player will find themselves in a hallway-like 'core line' flanked on either side with a veil impenetrable to light. They may Hold Position, go North, go South, or Beyond the Veil. Going Beyond the Veil functions as the "explore" option. Moving North or South will simply bring the player closer to an exit, or may be used to tactically maneuver into or away from a potential combat encounter [which ones?]. Holding position will allow a turn to pass, useful to tactically avoid or trigger some [which?] combat encounters.


The monsters encountered in the Void are some of the toughest opponents in the game, and should combat initiate, any option be it flee; submit; or loss beyond failing to secure a victory will result in a bad end. Despite this, combat can be reliably avoided. Most fights will give 2 null essences if victorious.

  • Void Serpent - Level [?] Core line encounter. Two different flavor texts on encounter: "There is a long shape wiggling by your side, visible beyond the veil." Or "An ominous hissing disturbs you for a moment, and it is coming from further ahead." Either can be avoided by holding position (see bugs). Attempting to go beyond the veil while it is present will result in a dialogue; (1) a Dexterity check, (2) a Strength check, (3) 'trick' option (requires either a husk from a previously defeated serpent or the abyssal edge; showing it the abyssal edge results in a fight, however it will be significantly weakened with a halved health pool) and (4) initiate combat. Failing the dexterity or strength check currently results in being ejected from the void [vore content warded flag could possibly be checked here; it says "...the only thing you manage to do is effortlessly allowing the creature to catch you in its maw" and placed back at the void entrance.]
  • Peculiar Summoner - Level [?] Core line encounter. "You feel like you are being observed by someone of great power..." Will approach the player on the next turn after its presence announced without trying to go beyond the veil. Initial encounter leads to either combat, or a CHR roll tricking it to go elsewhere. Avoid by going beyond the veil.
  • Tentacle Abomination Level [?] Core line encounter. "There is an ominous presence hovering above you, with a sort of sluggish and slimey sounds echoing through." Avoid by moving North or South. Beyond the Veil and then 'N' also works.
  • Dark Tyrant - Level 50. Core line encounter; must be released first. "The air freezes around you..." Avoid by moving North/South, need to do so multiple times. If you hold position or go beyond the veil, he catches up to you. You can 'give' him 5 null essences to leave you alone (see bugs), doing this may not be wise... [exact mechanics on what happens when feeding him unclear]. The Dark Tyrant is the strongest single enemy in the game in terms of level and health (~900). He hits moderately hard but does not have any special mechanics. Despite several warnings stating the impossibility of doing so, he can be fought and permanently defeated in simple combat, Abyssal Edge not required. Wielding the repaired Abyssal Edge will weaken him, roughly halving his HP pool. After being defeated, he drops 50 Null Essence and will no longer be encountered.
  • Elk Head Reaper - Level Forward path in the 'Odd Treasure' event. To encounter him, turn around when prompted, cannot be fought in first encounter. [He can be avoided and never encountered by ignoring the sounds behind you; on subsequent returns after a first encounter, you will fight him every time(?)]

Beyond the Veil:

  • The Realm King: Background.
  • [Mirrors room] A looping hallway of mirrors on either side of a room leading to another leading to another... Can easily lead to a bad end. Xaedihr does not warn you about this room and it is not obvious there is any real danger. To beat, when first prompted, glance at the mirror at least twice then proceed to the next room and break it, obtaining a Large Key. Subsequent encounters of this room will give a Null Essence.
  • [Room with the Abyssal Edge and sealed door]"Something unique is happening." The Abyssal Edge can be taken, which will then degrade into the Abyssal Remnant and unseal the Dark Tyrant to be encountered. The Remnant can be repaired by the bartender of the Hellfire club with 25 Null Essence, and further enhanced multiple times [indefinitely?] by giving Xaedihr 10 Null Essence. Base damage is 18 and increases by 1 each time enhanced. It may have additional bonuses or effects against Void enemies [difficult to test with very high strength]. With some repairs, it is the most powerful weapon in the game.
  • [Fireflies] Room with wisp-like fireflies. Attempting to communicate repeatedly over several encounters restores sanity and slowly opens up sex scene with wisps. If trying to catch them instead, gives several null essences and increases the likelihood of core line encounters (may be bugged with current version, core line encounters are so frequent as to be nearly guaranteed regardless). When communicating, First encounter restores 20 sanity, decreasing in increments of 5 until no sanity is restored anymore.
  • 'Odd Treasure': Room with three exits; left, right, forward. Left (see bugs) requires a large key obtained from success in the Mirror room. Forward proceeds to a pitch-black hallway where the Elk Head Reaper may be encountered by turning around when prompted, as well as an altar with an unknown void relic [purpose of the relic not known]. Right takes the player back into the core line.
  • Essence Swarm: Find a room with a swarm of Null Essence. Automatically gather 1 - [3?] essences.
  • Gateway to Freedom: A shortcut to exit the void. Restores 100 sanity, unlike navigating to an exit which restores none. 'No' option may lead one to incorrectly believe it may lead to a bad end, even with Xaedihr in the party telling you it is obviously safe.
  • Shifting fissures: Randomizes your location in the core line, sometimes placing you on top of the exit and immediately prompting if you want to do so.
  • [?] Encounter a strangely normal-appearing city, albeit with the sounds of the dark void still present. Forced to squeeze down an increasingly narrow alleyway due to invisible walls blocking off other exits. Hit "No" when prompted to avoid a bad end. Can be encountered multiple times and proceeds identically each time.
  • Tendril Plants: Background. If Kinky feat is owned, option to breath in fumes. Assumedly bad end if you do.
  • "...you find only darkness": Encounter a particularly dark area of the void. There is nothing to see here except a bad end if you continue twice, implying this was some sort of trap by an extremely powerful demon to steal your soul. Simply turn back (N).
  • A moment of Respite: Background. Restores 20 sanity.

Notes on encounters:

  • Banned/warded vore flag does not seem to be taken into consideration for numerous encounters and bad ends; with the Void Serpent, Dark Tyrant, and Tentacle Abomination, engaging in combat with an outcome other than victory results in getting vored, even if vore content is warded.
  • No encounters are infectious. Despite this, players who have unlocked Shifting can still shift into any of the monsters found in the void.
  • No encounters currently have victory sex scenes, though appears to be planned for the Elk Head Reaper.
  • The Elk Head Reaper appears to have a planned redemption path to save him, currently, partially able to progress through a submissive route.
  • With high enough [how high?] Strength or Dexterity to guarantee a successful roll when required (when a Void Serpent is nearby), selecting the option to go beyond the veil will never result in unavoidable combat, barring the presence of the Dark Tyrant. See bugs; this tactic is effectively required as of the November 2020 version of Flexible Survival.
  • The Dark Tyrant both appears and acts as a near-mindless monster, but displays some hesitation and ambivalence, and the player notes that its gaze has a disturbing familiarity.
  • On Hard Mode, when evenly matched with him at level 50, the Dark Tyrant is somewhat easier to defeat (w/o the Abyssal Edge) than a scaled Peculiar Summoner.
  • There is no dialogue change with the bartender if you defeat the Dark Tyrant before even showing him the abyssal remnant.
  • No activities related to the Void Realm are mentioned on the evacuation game-end screen.


  • Asking Toron about the Void Realm tells you to go East and North from the lounge, however the entrance is instead to the West and North.
  • Oftentimes one will simply be ejected from the void and placed back at the entrance in an unintended way. The Left door in the 'Odd Treasure' event is bugged with the current (November 2020) version of the game and, after being unlocked with the key found in the mirror room, cannot be explored due to this.
  • If both a Void Serpent 'or' Tentacle Abomination and a Peculiar Summoner are nearby, holding position will cause both to stall and do nothing indefinitely while moving North or South will result in being ejected from the void (on re-entering the void, circumstances persist). In both cases, the only option to make progress is to go beyond the veil, requiring a successful STR/DEX check or combat victory with the void serpent scenario.
  • If the Dark Tyrant is loose and catches up to the player in the core line, and the player gives him 5 essences, the essences remain in the inventory.
  • No encounters are infectious. Despite this, players who have unlocked Shifting can still shift into any of the monsters found in the void, and Researchers can obtain infection vials.

[Note for editing: After gathering all the info, this page could be spiced up to present the Void Realm closer to how it is 'felt' in the game, with its literal air of mysticism and foreboding.]