City Hospital

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The City Hospital has become a dark and gloomy place, ill lit by emergency lighting and blocked along many paths by locked or barricaded doors and stairwells. Strange creatures lurk in the dark.


City Hospital, Hidden Lab



North from the City Hospital leads into the Hospital hunting area.


  • Ambulance Dock: Chance of getting medkit parts as well as infection.
  • Another doctor: opens up psyche department
  • Cafeteria: (background)
  • Chaplaincy: Obtain libido suppressant
  • Dr Feel Good: Vixen Nurse Fight, obtain doctor's uniform on victory.
  • Examination Room: Jaguar fight, healing booster. Only available once Elijah is brought to the bunker.
  • Finding a Way: to access this way to the upper parts of the hospital explore the hospital until it tells you that you have gotten very good at getting around obstacles in the hospital.
  • Hung Like A: (background)
  • Hurting: Yes gives a libido suppressant and 5 humanity
  • Interruption: (background)
  • Maternity Ward: (background)
  • Mournful Dog: Chance to get helper dog pet.
  • Obstetrics Department: Obtain the item needed by Medea.
  • Operating Room: Obtain bonesaw.
  • Pathology: 2 Random fights.
  • Patient rooms: Chance to get random item.
  • Pharmaceutical Storage: Obtain a random collection of medical items.
  • Radiology: Random fight.
  • Records Room: Random fight, obtain libido suppressant
  • Staff Lounge: Obtain water, Raccoon fight.
  • Stairwell: (background)
  • Surrounding Area: (background)


  • Hidden Lab: The Hospital Quest will become active 8 turns after the first set of quests for Doctor Matt is completed. If playing in Forgotten or Hard Mode, it begins 8 turns after the start of the game. This will be designated by a scene showing the hospital's emergency helicopter. The player will need to explore to find three or more locations in the hospital which will allow the player to navigate further in, as well as locate an unblocked stairwell. Once those criteria are met, they can try 'finding a way in' (event) to reach the Hidden Lab and Doctor Mouse. Dr. Mouse will start giving the player tasks to perform for various rewards as part of the Hospital Quest.
  • Pink Raccoonboi: Late into the Hospital Quest, Dr. Mouse will give you an option to turn the Pink Raccoon who's been running around the hospital into a Pink Raccoon Pet or to simply take him back to The Grey Abbey bunker. If not turned into a pet, the Raccoon takes "Candy" as his moniker.
  • Psych Department: This area can be found by encountering 'Another Doctor' out in the hospital. The skunk psychologist, Doctor Moffatt, will invite you to come visit her there if you're willing to help her with an experiment of her own.