Doctor Matt

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Doctor Matt by Negative
Doctor Matt

Species: Human, Huskybunny
Changes species?: Yes
Gender: Male, Herm
Changes gender: Yes
Location: Trevor Labs
Must be found?: No
Events: Main Quest, Hospital Quest
Bring to Bunker?: Yes
Sex?: Yes (special)
Infectious: No
Endings: Yes

Flag Categories

Flags: Hermaphrodite, Furry
Sally by Furball


A figure in a full hazmat suit is busily working at the various terminals, wandering from one to the other when he isn't sitting in that comfy chair. His name badge declares him to be 'Doctor Matt'. Doctor Matt is working away at the various terminals, wandering from one to another when not working at his lab table or seated in his comfy chair. He has a full environment suit on, covering his whole body, with only a glass visor to show his human face.


Doctor Matt is found in the Primary Lab of Trevor Labs. He asks for the players help in furthering his research into the infection. His tasks are detailed in Main Storyline Pt 1 and Main Storyline Pt 2. He is a principle actor in the Hospital Quest.


Doctor Matt may be infected by Doctor Mouse as part of the Hospital Quest, turning him into Sally. She may be brought to The Grey Abbey if the player meets the following requirements:

  • You must complete the optional "Guard Duty" sidequest as part of Main Storyline Pt 1.
  • You must choose to side with Doctor Mouse as part of the Hospital Quest.
  • Susan must not end up staying at Doctor Matt's lab; if she is in the lab when you fight Orthas, then Sally will not accompany you back to the Bunker.
  • You must defeat Orthas to recruit Sally; if you lose, then Sally will stay at Doctor Matt's lab.

Claiming Sally as your prize for defeating Orthas will cost you the normal +7 days of game extension you would get for defeating Orthas and ending the Hospital Quest.


  • The player may use the Volunteer command when speaking with Doctor Matt to select an additional Feat every three levels. If Doctor Matt has been turned into Sally, Doctor Mouse fills this role instead.
  • Doctor Matt is not available for sex, but his infected form, Sally, is more than willing.

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