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Species: Deer
Gender: Female
Location: Trevor Labs
Must be found?: Yes
Events: Unusual Creature
Bring to Bunker?: No
Sex?: Yes
Infectious: Yes
Endings: Yes

Flag Categories

Flags: Girl, Furry


A bipedal deer with soft brown fur and creamy off-white belly and undertail. Her nose, eartips and hands are dark hues. She has large cream covered breasts capped with thick black teats. She has a hungry, lustful look in her eyes, one hand usually straying to her cock, stroking it almost absentmindedly. It is disturbingly human in appearance, ebon-black fleshed with a cream sheath at the base. She has large plum sized balls contained in a creamy coloured softly furred sac. Despite her animalistic appearances, she has hair like a human, running down to a little past her shoulders, a little darker than the brown fur of the majority of her form.


The player meets Susan in the Park through the 'Unusual Creature' event while completing Main Storyline Pt 1. When encountering her in the Park, the player is given the option to take her by force, try to comfort her, or to do nothing.

  • If the player takes her to the lab by force, it will fulfill Doctor Matt's objective, but she will become the Deer monster afterward.
  • If the player chooses to comfort her, she will come back to the lab willingly. The player will need to speak with her and either accept her infection or reject her to proceed with Doctor Matt's quest. Rejecting her will have her become the Deer monster.
  • Choosing not to act has two different results depending on the player's libido. Male players with libido higher than 50 will enter into a sex scene with her, after which she will come to the lab willingly. Players with lower libidos will stand there like a statue; She will come to the lab, but will again become the Deer creature afterward.
  • An attempt to have her settle at the lab will fail if the player has the Female Preferred feat, as they cannot become male/herm to become a stag to be her mate.


  • After successfully having intercourse with Susan, she will gain dialog.