Siamese Cat

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Siamese Cats by RedCoatCat
Siamese Cat

Location: Hospital
Level: 5
HP: 39/39
Damage: 4/6
Target Gender: Male or Female

Flag Categories

Flags: Girl, Guy, Furry


Heat?: No

Author- Stripes

Danger Level: 5, Typical Environment: Hospital


As you are moving along, a pair of felines drop down in front of you. They are a duo of slinky Siamese cats, a boy and a girl, identical save for gender. They have cream coloured fur with darker fur around their faces and at the ends of their limbs. They are both quite naked, except for the red, belled collars they have around their necks. As you look them over, you notice that they are joined together at the end of their tails.

They stare at you for a moment with their bright, blue eyes and angular features, as if sizing you up like a post they may wish to scratch. They both start to speak up at once, wanting to be the first to go. They argue for a moment, but decide to flip for it before you can try sneaking away. It comes up heads and the male steps forward to confront you.


  • Paired Enemies: This is a pair of enemies who will occasionally switch between fighting the player. Defeating one defeats them both. Which you start with is based on gender-preferred feats, then player gender, then at random of a herm.
  • Dual Attack (25%): Special attack where both felines will acrobatically hit the player, ending in them swapping places. Each starts with their own hp and slightly different stats. The female is more agile (+2 to hit) and the male does more damage (+2 dmg).
  • The infections ending has a decent tie-in with Sven and is also altered depending on if you possess the siamese cat tail.