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Species: Human-like Witch
Gender: Female
Location: Researcher's Studio
Must be found?: Yes
Events: For The Future, Dream of a Unicorn
Bring to Bunker?: Yes
Sex?: Yes (special)
Infectious: No
Endings: Yes

Flag Categories

Flags: Girl
  • UPDATE: Omio's content has temporarily removed from the game due to space restrictions.


Humming to herself while puttering around the main room of her home is the strawberry redhead you met on the plains earlier. Five foot five inches tall, with golden eyes and a blue Chinese-like dress that covers her frame from neck down to her feet, the human-like woman mutters to herself while walking around doing this, that or the other. Her skin is tanned giving her the appearance of someone who is probably native to a southern island somewhere below the equator. Her face is somewhat sharp with clearly defined angles, yet instead of making her seem manly these lines make her more... cute in a girlish like way.


Omio is first encountered in the Dry Plains with the For The Future event, where the player attempts to intervene upon seeing the young woman being set upon by a Centaur Stallion. She reveals, however, that the player's good intentions were misplaced, as she was conducting research and had the situation well in hand. She appreciates the thought, however, and invites the player to visit her at her Researcher's Studio.

Omio may also be found in the Park through the Dream of a Unicorn event (though she's not identified by name if the player has not yet met her). She wants the player to become a unicorn so she may take a sample. This requires the player to acquire the infection from Harold in The Palomino. Harold wont infect the player unless they complete his quest to find Kara. The player is rewarded with a handjob or fingering, the only sexual scene Omio is involved in.

From the Researcher's studio, the player may speak with Omio about helping her with certain Quests.


  • Every 18 hours, the player may have tea with Omio. This reduces the player's thirst and libido while increasing their humanity.
  • Attempting to open the drawer in Omio's bedroom results in the player taking a teapot to the face and losing 20 hit points.
  • The player may loot a water bottle, food, chips, and a tasty peach from the Kitchen.
  • Omio's quest line is considered non-canon by the developers.

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