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This is a porn store / sex shop located in the Red Light District. Once Lisa former part-time workplace, which she's now taken the place over as her own and made her new home there.


Porn Store



There is no hunting area immediately attached to the store.


  • The Porn Store is located in the Red Light District and can be found via either the 'Mouse Taur' or 'Porn Shop' event.
  • You will have the option of moving Sven to the Porn Store if that location is known when he's forced to leave Sven's Place.
  • Sven will tranform into Svetlana a few days after brought to the Porn Store.
  • Visible objects: Fertile Pill, Birth Control Pill, Libido Pill.(x2) and Porn Collection.
  • The Porn Collection item is found here. It can be used any time the character's libido is above 30 to lower libido. If the character's libido is above 50, it gives the option to "really blow off some steam" which will dramatically decrease the characters libido but the smell of all the sexual fluids produced will potentially trigger fights unless it's used in a place where you can safely rest.