McDermott Farm

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Farm Map by Amuse

A mid-sized farm thats been around since 1792


  • Farm Entrance, Central Farm Square, Farm House Main Room, Mustang Paddock, McDermott Barn, Barn Hayloft
  • Milking Shed Main Room, Abandon Storage Shed, Worker Barracks
  • Farm Pathway, Sheep Meadow SW, Sheep Meadow NW, Sheep Meadow NE, Sheep Meadow SE


  • Anthony, the boss of the farm
  • Blot, the inflatable horse
  • Corbin, the cowboy with a secret
  • Duke, the Shepard of the flock
  • Horsemen Farmhands, Keral, Isaac, and Carlos , the handsome horse farmhands
  • Lucifer, the feral stallion
  • Shawn, the Ram of the flock
  • Wendy, the cow who desires inter-species relations


Going south from the Farm Entrance is an Outside Exploration point.


Access to the farm can be gained by the events "Cow Hunting" (choose option 1 or 3) and "Missing Cow" on the Dry Plains.