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Species: German Shepherd
Gender: Male
Location: McDermott Farm
Must be found?: No
Events: None
Bring to Bunker?: No
Sex?: Yes
Infectious: No
Endings: No

Flag Categories

Flags: Guy, Furry


tanding before you is an anthro German shepherd, standing tall on two digitigrade legs and keeping the spread-out sheep in his attentive gaze at all times. As his view crosses your position, he gives you a slight nod, then continues with his vigilance. The dog-morph has a fit, muscular body sporting the traditional brown and tan fur coat of his breed. Seeing as he's not wearing anything except a black dog-collar with a medallion bearing the name 'Duke', it is quite clear that he's male, with a furry canine sheath resting against is belly and a pair of golf ball size balls dangling beneath.


The player may be asked by Anthony to help Duke with his problem, or may simply stumble upon Duke and Shawn out in the field at night. Shawn has been transformed into a Feral Ram and Duke misses his boyfriend. If the player has an Ewe or Ram body, the player may simply rub themselves up against Shawn to initiate a transformation. Otherwise, three Tainted Wool will be needed to turn Shawn into a more intelligent form. The player may go to Anthony for a reward of 4 food when this is completed.

Duke can be found in the Sheep Meadow SW during the day but is busy and generally wont chat. In the evening, Duke is much more approachable in the Sheep Meadow SE. Both are located on the McDermott Farm.


  • Duke only becomes available for sex once Shawn is restored.
  • As a bottom, Duke takes a bit of convincing to have him take the player's ass. He is uninterested in female anatomy.

GitHub: https://github.com/Nuku/Flexible-Survival/blob/master/Wahn/Farm.i7x