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Species: Anteater
Gender: Male
Location: McDermott Farm
Must be found?: No
Events: Missing Cow
Bring to Bunker?: No
Sex?: Yes
Infectious: No
Endings: Undetermined

Flag Categories

Flags: Guy, Furry


Anthony McDermott is a tall anthro anteater in a kilt, with a light and slender build and the characteristic elongated head and narrow snout of a giant anteater. He has large brown eyes and expressive, flexible ears on top of his head, plus a beautiful mane of brown hair down to the midst of his back. One lock of his mane hangs down over his brow, giving him a somewhat dashing appearance. The young man's body is covered in lustrous and silky fur, with most of it light brown to blond and pretty short, showing off the fit shape and light muscles of his upper body, abs, legs and (you assume) crotch. Meanwhile, his forearms and lower legs have longer, almost purely blond hair covering them, and the very long prehensile tail behind him looks pretty big with the thick and darker brown fur along its length. Another thing of note are the long and curved claws on his hands and feet, longer than the fingers themselves. Looking at them makes you recall something you once read about a regular giant anteater being able to kill a jaguar in a stand-up fight...


Anthony is located in the Farmhouse Main Room on the McDermott Farm. He, along with Corbin ask the player to find the missing cow, Wendy, who can be found in the Dry Plains with the Missing Cow event. The Missing Cow event will reveal the Mcdermott Farm if it has not been discovered. He rewards 4 food for the cow's return. The player may, alternatively, find the Cow Hunting event and speak with Corbin to access the farm.

After returning Wendy, Anthony asks the player if they can help Duke and Shawn with their problem. He again offers the player 4 food for helping, but the player may choose to take him as their reward instead.


There was a catgirl that Anthony introduced to the player, however the writer for Selena isn't present anymore so she's been edited out of the code.